Thursday, December 1, 2011

A New Beginning..

It's a new beginning, as I remember my life never comes easy, difficulties and hardship always around me. I'm thankful because am standing still and never give up. I have my friends who are always there through rain or shine and  my family most especially my kids whom I love so much, they are giving me reason and inspiration to continue dreaming for tomorrow.
  I want my past to make me better and not a bitter
  more faith, hope and strength for new beginning..

Thank you my Lord
for all the blessings and another year of my life..

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  1. Still the 30th here so I don't know if I should say it but maybe on your side of the world it's the 1st, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    A beautiful new year, new beginning, a journey full of blessings and love!
    Enjoy the day, birthdays are special days!
    Sending my best wishes and some love. MArie

  2. Hey sounds like someone is having a birthday!!! have a great day!

  3. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much!! I understand it's a little bit confusing because of time difference:) But, my deepest thanks to you is not confusing! lols.. because it was you who first greeted me here..:) and makes my day so good!:)Thank you so much Marie, may God bless you too:)

  4. Hi Miss Lego,

    Yeah, you're right!lols.. Thank you for dropping by to greet!:) Have a blessed day too!:)

  5. wow. happy birthday sagittarian :)
    have a blast.
    may the upcoming days for the whole next year be blessed bi Him :)

    take care of yourself.

  6. Hi Inspector,

    Thanks for your greetings!:) Have a nice day!:)

  7. The day is here once again making a happy return. Wishing you happy birthday and may all your dreams come true! :)

  8. Yes, let the past make you stronger, not bitter! Happy birthday Sagittarian, all the best for the year ahead, and onwards. :)

  9. hello po just passing by to greet you a happy birthday..I'm not feeling well..enjoy your day!

  10. Hi Balqis,

    Thank you so much...:) Your greetings makes my day special:) Blessed day for you!:)

  11. Hi Isadora Filipina,

    Hi..:) Nice to hear from you:) It's a great honor to have you here:) Thanks for your greetings!:) Have a blessed day too!:)

  12. Hi Sie,

    Thank you! Kalungkot naman yan:(Bakit ka nagkasakit? Lakas ba virus ni q.a umabot sa iyo? Joke!:) I miss you friend! Sana gumaling kana agad!:) God bless you!:)

  13. Happy Birthday !!!
    Stay Blessed :)

    May you have many more and may you see many more wonderful, fun-filled days ahead !

  14. Hi Rooha,

    Thanks a lot!:) Have a wonderful day ahead!:) God bless you!:)

  15. And hopefully it will be a wonderful year!

  16. I wish you more blessing this 2012 Sis Dang. I wish you more strength, I wish you to have a more happier life with you kids and the whole family of yours, I wish you all the best. It's a new beginning for me here too, and it would start this Christmas, I wish to have a more happier life, a more faithful life with the Lord...

  17. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much!:) Have a wonderful day ahead too!:)

  18. Hi Prime,

    Thanks Kuya!:) I wish you all the best too! Great evening!:)

  19. You have such a positive outlook Ros - and such a strong faith too - bless your heart!! :)

  20. Hi Louise,

    Thank you so much!:) Your friendship is one of my blessings :) God bless you always Louise!:)

  21. May this New Beginning be a wonderful One.... May God Bless You with All the Happiness...Keep Smiling!!!!

  22. Hi Hisila,

    Thanks a lot!:) May God bless you too!:)

  23. Just the sweetest blog...
    You sure like to play with graphics...
    Thanks for following... following you back now...


  24. @ white witch Hi_D

    Thank you for visiting:) It's true I love playing with graphics:) Have a nice day!:) Happy to see you around!

  25. happy birth day sagittarian. a few days later mine is coming too.

  26. @tariq mian,

    Hi:) Thank you for your greetings!:) And when is yours?? I want to send you my early greetings here,:)

    Happy birthday in advance!:)May God bless you always and protect you..:)


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