Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friendly Christmas Wishes

Our friends are part of our everyday life they can be part of our family too. Buying them special gift is different from sending them our best friendly wishes. This season is the perfect time to look back over the year and give thanks for all that we have received. However, if we concentrate only on the material things of life, we may feel discouraged about not having enough money to buy all the things we wanted, and forget to show our appreciation to others especially to our family and friends. I would like to share with you my special word/message and a wish for my friend.

You are so special and so close to me,
I can't remember how many times you
   comfort me when I feel down, how many
 times you lend me your ear and gave
me your shoulder when I feel like
  crying. You always encouraged
and helped me to hold tight
when difficulties and
  trials of life  
trying to
get me. 
 Holiday season was
coming  so near and you 
know that it won't be complete

without sending you all my best wishes my friend.
Thank you so much! I am wishing you all the best in life,
more blessings,good health and more happiness my dearest friend.

What about you, aside from giving your friend a special gift, what is your best word for your friend this  coming Christmas Holiday?

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  1. Aaw... You just inspired me to write about Christmas gifts for my next post... mmmhhh *thinking now*...
    Thanks very much for sharing... Hope I can think of something that really has the joy of Christmas in it like your post.
    Really wonderful.


  2. @white with Hi_D

    Hi there Heidi!:) Thanks for being the first to share your comments here, thank you so much I feel so great with your words!:)

    Have a great time and wonderful evening!:) God bless..:)

  3. Inspector Saahab has left a new comment on your post "Friendly Christmas Wishes":

    well very nice and interesting sharing :)
    talking about thanking friends, there are lots to thank for.

    this is very inspiring, it makes me realizes how i very rare show my appreciation to my friends though they are always there during my thin and thick. thanks for sharing Sagitarrian :)

    and your words are so sweettt :))

  4. @Inspector,

    Thanks a lot for your nice word.:) Your comment was not published here at my post, I got it through my email, so I copied and pasted it here.

    Thanks for dropping by Inspector!:) God bless you!:)

  5. advance Merry Christmas ..I still have flu huhuhu..and don't ever tell me you are also leaving..I am a bit sad because my sis Marie is having a break on blogging and I will miss her post ate ;(

    Merry Christmas in advance..I haven't done my Christmas greetings pa po.

  6. @Sie,

    Hi..:)sorry to hear that you don't feel good this time, don't forget to take your medicine sis,.

    About Marie, yes I just came from her blog now and read about her leaving, I feel sad too because she's one of our closest friend and inspiration here. I wish that she can find her peace of mind and have all the blessings in life and you too sis, I miss making tsika or chitchat with you.. Hope you feel better na,..

    God bless us all..:)

  7. i feel honoured to nominate you for the versatile blogger award please visit my post link for details:) or you can visit my blog for details

  8. @alka,

    Oh.. that's a great honor for me..:) Thank you so much for your kindness,:) God bless you!:)

  9. A priceless message to your dearest friend my Big Sister Sis Dang! I love this entry, and you know you are too artistic, and the design fits the holiday! Cheers! You know what your dearest friend is so lucky for having you in his/her life, why? Because he/she only got the precious gift in his life, the is a friend that always loyal, honest, faithful and won't fade...

  10. Awesome Sagittarian. As usual. Loved it. have a great holiday with those close to your heart.

  11. @Prime,

    Thank you so much!:) Always good words..mmmm.. Alright!:) Actually I'm lucky to have those friends who are great and so kind to me, I'm so blessed because of them..:)

    BTW, I got problem with my blogger dashboard now, I don't know what happen,:( I can't open my design tab.:(huhu...

    Thanks always Prime!:) God bless..:)

  12. @Berlina,

    Hi, thank you so much..:) Have a great time!:)

  13. I truly love it... thank you very much for sharing... :-)

  14. @Will Of Heart,

    A lot of thanks to you for loving it!:) I wish you all the best this New beginning!:) God bless us all!:)

    Thank you!:)

  15. I can't imagine I missed this post! And when I read the comments, I am so grateful I found true friends with a loving heart.
    Your message talks straight to my heart. Mine would be million thanks for your support, kind words, messages you light up for me so I can read them through darkness. We are never far away if our hearts have so much love in Them. May God bless your lives, the ones you cherish and bring Joy for the end of this year, that brought us together.

  16. @Marie,

    Thank you for dropping by Marie,:) Friendship is one of the best gift from God,:) I believe that you're one of many people who have pure and clean heart,I'm so grateful to have you as one of my closest and dear friend here..:)It's indeed a blessings from up above:) Thank you so much Marie..:) Merry Christmas..:)


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