Sunday, November 27, 2011

December What Makes You Special ?

In my previous post about December, we shared different tips for our moms to avoid worrying and help them to find other way to lessen their worries in preparing for this coming of holiday season.  I am so thankful to all those who shared their secrets to help other moms too.

What makes December special for you?  Aside from celebrating Christmas, do you have other reason why do you find or other people find it special?  It's true, that the first thing we always remember is the coming of what we call Christmas day, time for family gathering, exchanging gifts, vacations and bonding moments with our friends.  The changes in weather or climate in other places can be considered too.  Just like here in our country, when this month of December, cold weather was experienced here that makes other feel it so special.

Every one has their own reason why they find December so special and other people find it ordinary  month or to other it is the month they do not like because of the winter, right?  In my own, I find it so special because I was born under this month, not only like that, I was born on the first day of it, isn't it so special?  Yeah, it's indeed a blessings for me!:)  I love the feeling when this month was comingAside from World AIDS Day,  it's my birthday!! Even though, I really don't celebrate it, because I'm old to have party, lols.. I want to start my new life from the date I was born and not only when new years come or changing  number of the year alone like other people used to do.  For me, this is the perfect date to start new  life with positive attitude towards life or to improve myself  more. My new years resolution starts here, the day I was born.  That is why  December so special for me.:)

What about you?  Do you have other reason why  December is special?  Or maybe not too special for you?

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unpublished Post

Dear friends,

It's been  five months since I started sharing my thoughts. I've met a lot of friends who are always here to listen in every words I shared. Friends who are ready to give support and those who encouraged me to continue even if I knew for myself  that I don't have enough knowledge in writing. Because of you, I've learned a lot of things, but most of all in facing reality of  life.

Saying goodbye is not forever, farewell doesn't mean I will not coming back. Sometimes we need to focus on other things that matters most and more time is needed. Saying goodbye saddens me now, but like what I've said it's not the end of everything, I will be leaving but my heart  will remain, yes.. to you my friend to all of you. I am stranger here before, through sharing we became friends. I cherished every moments I've spent here, I may not be around all the time but I will always support you and stay connected, no matter what.. 

My sincerely thanks to all of you, who believes in me and never leave me through ups and downs. To all my friends and those who keep coming back just to read my post and never get tired to share comments,  thank you so much guys. I will not mention names because you are all number one for me. God bless us all..


Yeheey!! my farewell letter was not published because I just can't leave you guys,, that's why

 I must say this words now,
 YOU did not hold my hand, but
 YOU made me change my mind.
YOU didn't allow me to publish my post.
Maybe there's a reason
why YOU told me not to
 But whatever is that reason,
I'm so thankful to YOU, because
I'm still here sharing and
inspiring others too

Let's do the sharing again!:)

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Monday, November 21, 2011

December Here You Come !

What comes to your mind when December was coming? This month is so special right? A lot of people are preparing for this season, some are doing their list by now, who and what gift is best to give for their loved ones. Some are thinking about what to prepare for that occasion, because after celebrating Christmas here comes the New Year, another occasion that we all celebrates.

But we can't hide it that there were some who are worrying too much about this month, because in this month  "expenses are expected". Do you get what I mean? Do you believe that, even the practical mom got worried when this month of December comes? Even if bonuses or what we called 13th month pay was expected, still our moms get worried about how to budget all, especially if we are  living in a middle class or in a family that has low income. Like me, I have my own family and relatives who are coming when this occasion comes. I see to it that I have something for them even if  it's a simple gift. I set aside small amount everyday, I put it inside of a box, for this occasion. Sometimes, when I saw sales in the market, I tried to look for something that fits my budget, buying early gift can save us more too, then I'll just keep it first then pack it when occasion was coming. We can't avoid to gift-giving when Christmas and New Year was coming, right? And I believe in saying, "It's better to give than to receive" and the "true spirit of this season is to give love not only with that day but it should be everyday" it's all up to us how we are going to show love, right?

Now, I need your help and advise my dear friends here at bloggers, maybe we can share some tips for our moms who are in this case, like me..:) What can you suggest to our dearest moms about this coming of December? How they can overcome the worries in budgeting?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Relationship - How Long Or How Short ?

How long is your relationship now? I learned it's not  how long or how short is your relationship made  you and your partner stay together. There are some couple who got married after long engagement but separated too after few years or months of living together as husband and wife. There were also some who decided to bind themselves after few meetings and still living together and getting stronger times go by.

I heard my niece and a friend of her discussing about this topic yesterday night. Her friend is favor on long engagement before getting into marriage and my niece believes that it's not on how long but how the lovers take themselves. It's how they love each other and how they handle the relationship to make it more stronger. At their young age, both were 14 years old, they were into serious topic like this, and I am not surprised because of what we call new generation or advance technology now a days are really wide. While, listening in a bit far a distance with them, I remember my mom  was very strict with this matter when I was on that age,  they say it's not yet the right time to talk about this topic because it can only give us wrong information, but not this time, because we are into the world of advancement.  After few minutes of listening with them and finished their discussion, even if they have different views about having relationship, at the end both shows they are open minded about the issue.

For me, based on my experiences it's not how long or how short, but it's how both love each other, the commitment, respect and trust can make relationship more stronger. Added the most important thing, the guidance from up above. What about you? What is your opinion with this matter?

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

PROBLEM find solution

There is really  no way we can elude problems. At every turn and bend,we are bound to meet one. Truly so for our earthly journey is never a smooth one. Ours is not a worry-free world. And we cannot afford to stop on track seeing a problem looming in the distance.We have to move forward and risk an encounter as there could be no other way out. Making detour or backtracking, as the case may be is not a guarantee that we won't be meeting the same problem, or another one for the matter,elsewhere. We may even find ourselves in a tighter situation.

When a problem comes along, no matter how trivial it may be, there is no recourse but to work out a solution. Yes, for there is no way that the problem is getting away from us unless it has been dealt with accordingly. The best thing to do when having problem is to meet it head-on. And problems when not solved, have a way of recurring, or haunting people as others would put it, with even more devastating effects. So the earlier we are done with one, the better. Successfully getting through dilemma, we can have a sight of relief. And with a shrug of the shoulders we could then whistle "whew" that was close"

We must admit it too that wealth and knowledge are no guarantee to a problem-free life. But, it can lessen our problem if we knew how to dealt using both wisely.  Nothing is best with TRUST in God, and the power of working hard to solve the problem.

                   "If there's a problem there's a solution"

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Out Of Curiosity - My Favorite Popcorn

Do you love watching movies? Alone or with your loved one or whoever is with you at  theater room or just movie at home, why is this popcorn always present? When I was a kid, I love eating buttered or cheesed popcorn inside theater while movie or at home a kettle pop what we call a dancing pop.Why do movies  usually match with a popcorn? I remember when I asked my mom about this, I said, mom, why is popcorn always match with a movie? She answered me, ' honey popcorn is the cheapest food that you can buy and eat inside the theater that's why," then she laughed..:)) Is my mom's right? Lols.. I've never seen any cinema without popcorn booth outside. Is there any study about this? But, this is true right? When they say let's watch movie, the first thing or food comes in our mind is a popcorn and soda! But not with my youngest son now, for him it's a pizza with soda :)

Can you tell me why is popcorn or kettle pop is mostly match with movie? Am just curious ever since, because I really love eating popcorn..:))

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

All About Worries

"Who of you by worrying can add single hour to his life?"
(Matt.6:27, New International Version)

Likened to a rocking chair, worry often times keeps people moving but never getting anywhere. Because many tend to worry even about things that are not really significant, worry is also said to be the advance interest paid on troubles that seldom come." We all knew that worrying is not beneficial.

Unfortunately, worry grips and overpowers many of us. We people worry almost everything that put us under stress most of the time. The more we worry the greater the stress builds up inside us. and this can leave to emotional and physical breakdown. Worry and stress really can't add even a few minutes of our life but worse, it even negatively effects our health, diminishes our strength and shortens our life span.

We really can't avoid to feel worried most of the time, but we have to be brave, hold on to our faith and don't lose hope. Challenges and worries are part of everyday life that we need to overcome. Prayer will give us  peace of mind and make us calm. Start your day with a smile and the world will smile back at you :)

Let Him have all our worries and shape our life, this can help us to live longer.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


What word is best to express my sincerely thanks,
To the one who is so dear and so kind to me
A friend and a mentor that I am following
Always an inspiration in my everyday writing.

  Part And Parcel Of Life ......

I am  inviting you all  to visit and see how inspiring and wonderful her blog is and start sharing things here that you loved most with her blog.

Thank you so much :)


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Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Peace of mind makes body healthy, but jealousy is like a cancer." 
(Prov. 14:30, Today's English Version)

Do you feel jealous most of the time? How can we control ourselves being jealous? In any relationship we can't avoid  getting jealous sometimes, but we need to overcome this feeling because this will not help any relationship, it can kill or fade love, trust and loyalty too. Love is not a jealous but love conquers all. It is not conceited or proud. It is patient and kind. Love is not ill-mannered or selfish and it doesn't keep a record of wrongs.

Jealousy comes easily if we do not trust ourselves, the feeling of being threatened by a rival in a romantic relationship or losing something of value to another person which happens it's yours already. Or  feeling of envy,  hatred or bitterness towards another person for having an advantage that YOU don't have. Whatever is the cause or your reason of being jealous is not proper, we have to do something before it's too late.

If love reigns in our hearts, never shall we feel jealous of anyone, even of those who may enjoy things that we do not have. We shall share their happiness in their joy, we shall also rejoice in their success, we shall feel happy for them.

"Jealousy while still benign like a cancer, should be treated right away before it becomes malignant and leads to death."

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


   Being in the dark can be devastating and distressing. You lose your perspective in life, no reference point too. You don't know where you are and where you are going, even if we're not physically blind it's because of what we  had experienced in life. 


 Belonging to light means, not only living harmoniously
but also getting rid of evil deeds and desires,
being decent and true in all that we do.

   Let us remain forever in light, always remember that we are not belong to darkness anymore. May we defeat the spiritual forces of evil around us. Hold tight in the name of our Lord..

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