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December What Makes You Special ?

In my previous post about December, we shared different tips for our moms to avoid worrying and help them to find other way to lessen their worries in preparing for this coming of holiday season.  I am so thankful to all those who shared their secrets to help other moms too.

What makes December special for you?  Aside from celebrating Christmas, do you have other reason why do you find or other people find it special?  It's true, that the first thing we always remember is the coming of what we call Christmas day, time for family gathering, exchanging gifts, vacations and bonding moments with our friends.  The changes in weather or climate in other places can be considered too.  Just like here in our country, when this month of December, cold weather was experienced here that makes other feel it so special.

Every one has their own reason why they find December so special and other people find it ordinary  month or to other it is the month they do not like because of the winter, right?  In my own, I find it so special because I was born under this month, not only like that, I was born on the first day of it, isn't it so special?  Yeah, it's indeed a blessings for me!:)  I love the feeling when this month was comingAside from World AIDS Day,  it's my birthday!! Even though, I really don't celebrate it, because I'm old to have party, lols.. I want to start my new life from the date I was born and not only when new years come or changing  number of the year alone like other people used to do.  For me, this is the perfect date to start new  life with positive attitude towards life or to improve myself  more. My new years resolution starts here, the day I was born.  That is why  December so special for me.:)

What about you?  Do you have other reason why  December is special?  Or maybe not too special for you?

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  1. december means holidays in my case. and i dont really like holidays ironically.

    and it's monsoon season here. raining day and night T_T

  2. Hi Inspector,

    Thanks for sharing once again:) It's really a great honor for me:) Like what you said, you really don't like holiday ironically,and same with me before:) Thanks a lot Inspector! A blessed day/night for you!:)

  3. Well Happy Birthday month!

    I do hate that December means the start of winter. But it isn't so bad as January or February at least ;-)

  4. First of all, congratulations on your having been born at the beginning of December as a leader of the month!

    Secondly many many happy returns of the day!
    Though early, let me wish you a special happy birthday!!

    On the one hand you say you begin a new life as the 1st December knocks on the door, since you have positive attitude - that's good!
    On the other hand you saddens us saying that you don't celebrate your birthday, since you are too old - that's not so good!! :)

    Anyway, wish you wonderful beginning of your NEW life with the first December ray! :)

  5. @Lisa @ Two Bears Farm,

    Thanks for sharing,like other friends of mine they are complaining with it because winter is coming that month:)

    Thanks a lot Lisa:) Have a blessed day!:)

  6. hasus why won't you be happy now have your special how will I call your ldr someone..ako quiet angel eh hehehe..

    advance happy birthday ate ;)

  7. Hi Suresh,

    Thank you so much for another heart- warming comment, you makes me feel so much happy:)It's true, I want my birth date to be the starting point of new life for me. I really want to improve more in everything I do, that's why I am wishing it all on my birthday:)

    And about why not celebrating it anymore?Lols.. It's because I don't want to get old!lols..just kidding:) Thank you so much Suresh, have a wonderful day and more blessings to come:)

  8. Hi Sie,

    I am happy sis, more than happy of course!:))Because you're here with me all the time!lols..:))

    A wonderful evening..:)

  9. Hello Ate Dang, a dear Sister of mine... I am glad that you are back, and this post is really great! December would be special to me because I then realize that the true present is not a material thing, nor physical one! It's about the giving our hearts to someone we love!

  10. and where is your reply on my mail ate po?..hmp hmp..sniff sniff hatchu..wahhhhh iwan ako virus hehehe..

  11. I agree, my new year starts on my birthday too!
    As for December, I think it remembers me the time when my granddads were still alive, we were spending 15 days near the sea, when midnight mass was at midnight and we were all together singing in the cold church. In December it's cold but I feel love all around, it's like there is love in the air!

    Good evening!

  12. Well,I am one of those people that fin december as an ordinary month, it is not really that special for me, but it's nice how people enjoy it a lot.

  13. Hi Prime,

    Thanks a lot, you're right it's not about giving material it's about giving love is the true meaning of celebrating Christmas:0 Happy to hear that you are really happy!:)

    Wonderful day for you!:)

  14. Hi Sie,

    Hmmmmm... You did not get what I've sent? Oh... wahhhhh.. Anti-virus yun!:))

    Great morning!:)

  15. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for popping up here with me:)Your memories with your granddads was so sweet, spending time with him for 15 days near the sea, oh that's really sweet..:) I'm glad that December gave you happy memories that you can't forget:)

    Thank you so much Marie!:)Wonderful day/evening!:)

  16. Hi Miss Lego,

    Thanks for dropping by:) Yeah, a lot of people celebrates December a month of love. But there were a lot too who don't feel it so special, but when you see other people happy makes it so special too, right?

    Thank you so much!:) Blessed day for you!:)

  17. Hi Sis, back here, thank you and your welcome, you know I got the post about the true presents of Christmas scheduled on December 1 with a humble poem of mine, I guess the very first time I would write one at the blog SB ! You inspired me here, that's why I wrote it! :) Have a blessed day always my friend!

  18. December is special to me cos it's the end of the year and one whole year is completed. It's also a month that leads us to a new year.

    Recalling the days when I was a child, December means long school holidays. So, it's special. :)

  19. @Prime,

    That's nice Prime..:) Congratulations in advance! I bet that was another inspiring poem to read:) Keep it up Prime!:)

  20. Hi Balqis,

    You're right it's a month of long school holidays! NO CLASSES!! One of my favorite!lols..

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  21. It was inspired by you here, anyway it's my first time to write a public poem, I mean I wrote one before but for my B... and thank you so much last night :)

  22. Hi Prime,

    1st day of December will be memorable for you, because it's your first time you to publish poem at SB, that's nice Kuya, congrats!:)

    Have a great day!:)

  23. December is special to me because my first date with H was this month 3 years ago. :) Also, my best friend is coming to visit from Kyoto soon, as well as my eldest sister from Seattle, and hopefully I leave for the Middle East this month! :)

  24. Hi Isadora,

    That's great!:) Your December is really special my dear!:) I'm happy to hear a lot good things this month brings to you.:) Happy month of December Isadora:) May God bless you and take care of you always :)

    Thanks for sharing comment!:)


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