Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Peace of mind makes body healthy, but jealousy is like a cancer." 
(Prov. 14:30, Today's English Version)

Do you feel jealous most of the time? How can we control ourselves being jealous? In any relationship we can't avoid  getting jealous sometimes, but we need to overcome this feeling because this will not help any relationship, it can kill or fade love, trust and loyalty too. Love is not a jealous but love conquers all. It is not conceited or proud. It is patient and kind. Love is not ill-mannered or selfish and it doesn't keep a record of wrongs.

Jealousy comes easily if we do not trust ourselves, the feeling of being threatened by a rival in a romantic relationship or losing something of value to another person which happens it's yours already. Or  feeling of envy,  hatred or bitterness towards another person for having an advantage that YOU don't have. Whatever is the cause or your reason of being jealous is not proper, we have to do something before it's too late.

If love reigns in our hearts, never shall we feel jealous of anyone, even of those who may enjoy things that we do not have. We shall share their happiness in their joy, we shall also rejoice in their success, we shall feel happy for them.

"Jealousy while still benign like a cancer, should be treated right away before it becomes malignant and leads to death."

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  1. Hi there Sagittarian--

    I finally got around to reading your blog after seeing it on Bloggers.

    You make several good points here. I agree that the root of jealousy is insecurity about one's own abilities and talents.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow! That's really a good advice. In everyone of us, there is jealousy, whether it's healthy or unhealthy types. As you said, it's the benign cancer, I regard that as unhealthy. Yes, it's good that it's treated before eating up all the healthy cells!

    May be a little bit of jealousy is ok to keep the relationship going. It's the sign of love but not possessiveness. But don't let it go overboard. What's important is understanding each other and build trust.

  3. Jeaulosy just show the lack of selfconfidence indeed, and that is not a prove of love and never will...

  4. Hi Joe! Thanks a lot for sharing insight!:)

    Hope to see you always!:)Have a great day!

  5. Hi there Balqis! Thanks as always! :) You're right friend, a little bit of jealous can add sweetness sometimes, but don't let it go overboard.

    Thanks friend! :) Have a great day!

  6. Hi Miss Lego!:) Thank you for sharing:) Love to see you always!

    Take care, have a great day!

  7. Hi sweetie.
    Jealousy is a useless emotion that only cause trouble. People don't trust that is why they get jealous. I don't think most even know why they feel jealous though. If you love, trust and respect each other, jealousy should never even enter your mind. Great post by the way.

  8. Hi Berlina, thanks for sharing your comment. It's true dear that being jealous will not help but it will make your relationship suffer. If you trust your hubby no need to get jealous :)

    Beautiful day for you!

  9. being jealous sometimes is one way of saying you love that person BUT being jealous always makes your partner choke which destroys what they say anything in excess is bad noh..ay naku ateh yaw ko na comment d2 dami kalat plastic hmp ;(

  10. Hi sie, you're emo here is so cute..:)) Thanks for sharing! :)

    Have a great day! :)

  11. A great piece from a brilliant mind! I don't say I don't feel or never feel it at all, but I found jealousy a trouble maker these days, that's why I am doing my best to avoid it Sis, it's truly a cancer that can truly kill but the one who have it :(

  12. Hi Prime, Thanks! :) You're right jealousy can kill ...but only the one who overboard on it!heheh

    Have a great day!:)

  13. Hi Sagittrian,

    A small amount of jealousy may help by improving oneself. However, too much jealousy may be a cause of overdose which is definitely bad.

  14. Hi Ed,

    Agree with your word,sometimes a little amount of jealous can help and can make the feeling of love more than sweet,.:)But not too much or overflowing jealous like other used to call it.:)

  15. Hello!

    Konban wa..
    wow! very well said...
    I always get afraid of many things..
    hope i will change for good an trust myself more... :)


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