Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Share Your Best In Facing Obstacles..

Life that is full of obstacles, hardship and difficulties, do you know how to navigate around it? It's easy to give some advice, but in reality can you just go around that screw or problem we are facing everyday?

For me, facing obstacles in life it's not that easy,  nothing we can do but to have PATIENCE in facing them one by one. Always think positive even if it's really far from it, because there is someone out there above that can make it possible.

I want to leave this floor for you guys, have your pen down or key-in to your keyboard now to leave and share your tips below. Like me, I can share or give others advice but sometimes I can't help myself too. So this time, I want to hear it from all of you guys...:)

 images credit: digital vincent / camilla8 ( flickr.com )

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Story That Made My Tears Fall

I've seen a lot of good things over the internet but did not catch my attention. Unlike this one blog that I've found,  made my tears fall. The author try to show the real meaning of love and what love can do to anyone.  I'm a person that is too emotional and easily got affected when the story or the article I'm reading is all about people who are trying their best and yet nothing they can do but to accept the fact they are not meant for each other. This is a love story who started friends and later on both  fell in love but no time for them to feel the true meaning of  love, because death separated them. The blogger is from India. You can visit his site,  Toofan Singh http://bloggertoofan.blogspot.com   to see and feel what I felt about the story.  I would like to congratulate Toofan Singh for this wonderful blog and a meaningful story he shared..

I choose to share you this blog to show how the author impressed me and got my heart on his blog. And to encourage those who are until now trying to hold back their true feelings, because they are afraid to get hurt. I want them to realize that time is running fast and we don't know when or what will happen in the future. How will you know the answer if it was kept  inside? Speak now before it's too late..

Love is not selfish. Love can take even the difficult or painful part of relationship. If you're not going to try, how will you know that you deserve each other? Don't wait time to stop, what if there's no last-minute at all?

Friday, October 14, 2011

..Question Needs Answer..

    Living in this world is like a wheel, it runs in a circle emotion, sometimes up sometimes down. If you're inside  that wheel, where would you like? Of course, we're going to choose the place that we are always on top. Why on top?  Talking about living in this world, would you like to see yourself at the bottom? Of course not.. That's why we are doing all the best we can. But life is not easy as that, what will you do to get on top?  Other might say, if you want forever on top, you need to flat the tire so it will not goes down anymore, ha ha.. Is it the right answer? If we are going to flat the tire or meaning end of journey you will not know if you are still on top, because you are already dead by that time! ha ha..

   Our life has a lot of question that needs answer. In every question there is an answer. In every problem there is a solution. To be on top is to work harder, never give-up nor surrender.. as long as you are breathing hope is always there..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Let's Talk About Suicide

What bothering you friend? Is there anything I can help? Let's talk about it.. Sometimes our love ones or someone special  are afraid to talk  about their pain and difficulties in life that lead them to attempt or commit suicide. Those who are hopeless and  seriously depressed , pressured or got misfortune in life. Other are in deep financial difficulties and relationship despair.

Are you going to wait till your love ones attempt to kill themselves or took away their own life? Like doctors always say, "prevention is better than cure or medication". Be alert when you see or find that one of your family member or friends behavior change. Even if they don't talk about it sometimes through their action you can feel that something is bothering them.

What is the best way to help them?  Talk to them one on one, heart to heart, show them that you do understand how they feel that moment. Explain all the circumstances and the effect if they will continue to do it. Never and don't blame them, because if you do, it won't  help, it can be a reason for them to commit suicide. People who are suffering from this kind  needs our understanding, love and care..  Encourage them to be more stronger and never lose hope, after rain there is sunshine and everyone is entitled to shine..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Describe me...

Can you describe what you see inside the photograph? Look at all the traces, lines, shades and everything on it. You will notice what does this photo trying to portray..

Above the wall, you can see  lines look a like a mother who is sick laying on bed. At the back of a child  is untrusted person, on the other side  a group of person sitting on the dark place and one standing. A bleeding heart that is flying . All corner are shaded with black.

The child is facing  difficulties and  painful journey in life.. She is trying to catch the flying heart even if it was bleeding, means even though she felt hurt before still hoping for better one in  the future, in this photo shows that this child believes that love is  what she needs to overcome everything. The child shows how strong she is when it comes to difficulties or trials in life.  This child wants us to see that nothing is impossible when there is love.. We can live with peace and harmony.. We can survive on everything that life is facing of.. Let's keep on holding tight on love, never give up and don't lose hope.. Love can make the world go round..

Can you see some lines that I forgot to mention? There are still hidden thought in this photo, can you take a look for it?