Monday, October 10, 2011

Let's Talk About Suicide

What bothering you friend? Is there anything I can help? Let's talk about it.. Sometimes our love ones or someone special  are afraid to talk  about their pain and difficulties in life that lead them to attempt or commit suicide. Those who are hopeless and  seriously depressed , pressured or got misfortune in life. Other are in deep financial difficulties and relationship despair.

Are you going to wait till your love ones attempt to kill themselves or took away their own life? Like doctors always say, "prevention is better than cure or medication". Be alert when you see or find that one of your family member or friends behavior change. Even if they don't talk about it sometimes through their action you can feel that something is bothering them.

What is the best way to help them?  Talk to them one on one, heart to heart, show them that you do understand how they feel that moment. Explain all the circumstances and the effect if they will continue to do it. Never and don't blame them, because if you do, it won't  help, it can be a reason for them to commit suicide. People who are suffering from this kind  needs our understanding, love and care..  Encourage them to be more stronger and never lose hope, after rain there is sunshine and everyone is entitled to shine..


  1. I agree sis..I have always said this..suicide won't never be a solution to one's problems and there would never be a right reason behind it..when you face our Creator you can't blame anyone because you are accountable to every deed you have done.

    I have been into a lot of pains in my life..instances where I could have been insane or committed such an act of suicide but what always gets into my mind..are my kids and my love ones whom I will be leaving.I can't even think of having them suffer because of me doing it.

    So always on guard to our family members..each of us has a different capacity on how to accept the adversities in our lives..the best thing to do is to be always their for them to make them feel special..that someone is still there for them :)

    ..thank you sis for your comment on my site..I had a heart attack slight po so I rested for the past few days..and this is the reason why I value life to the fullest :)

  2. Hi sis, oh..dapat po doble ingat kayo:( Thanks for sharing your valuable comments too, we really need to take good care of our love ones, we need to be very visible to them not only when they need us but always as possible.

    Life is so precious, a gift from our Lord above, so why do we need to take it away with our own hand? We don't have the right to do it as well. By doing this act, you did not end the problem, what you did is you added burden and passed it to other member of your family.

    Take care always friend.. :) God bless us..:)

  3. Agree with both of you. Committing suicide is cowardice! In every problem, there is the solution whether it comes sooner or later.

    Ros, you write well! :)

  4. Hi Balqis!:) Thanks a lot friend! You too always write well!:)

    You are right, suicidal is not the answer on any problem.. God bless friend!:)

  5. Samrat Rudro comment;

    Life offers different connotations for different people. For some, it means luxury, for some it's sobriquet of hardship, struggle; some find the moon as the constant source of romantic imagination and natural emblem of love , whereas some find it a mere reminder of a baked bread that increases appetite. We have to encounter life in whatever form or shape it presents itself in front of us. Running away from it proves one to be not only a coward but also an escapist. Committing suicide means just that . Having said that, I must add here that some people are born weak emotionally. They can't handle pressure situations when losing , failure, heart break occur in life. Such writings are necessary because they inspire people, who are in misery, not to give up and constantly continue with the battle. In the end, life salutes heroes who never funk back.

  6. Very True...
    For all those who are reading this, i have just one thing to say
    guys just think about your family your loved ones before you take this step...
    Share with them they will come forward to help you might be your lover,your parents or your friends...

  7. Hi sanchitsood! Thanks for reading and sharing encouraging comment. There are some people who really needs this words from us..:)

    Thanks a lot for dropping by! Have a great day!:)

  8. The title to your post is really really important - lets be opened to talk about it and listen as well. Alot of times before someone commits suicide, they throw around little hints - maybe because they want to talk about it - it should never be a subject we sweep under the rug. Your post and the all the comments it's generating is indeed a good thing!!

  9. Hi Louise! Thanks too!:) You are right,person who are into this kind usually throw some hints, to show that they needed someone to listen and understand them.

    Thank you friend..:) Your comment and time here is really appreciated..:) Have a great time!


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