Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye 2011.. Hello 2012..

I would like to take this time to greet and send my deepest thanks to all my special and dearest friends, who inspired and never get tired in showing their support since I started blogging!

 My life in blog sphere was so memorable
and special because of my friends who 
are always there for me..
I've learned from all of you here guys,
and all are free of cost..:)
From the beginning until this last day of 2011
I'm still learning from all of you
It's a blessings that I found
and I met a lot of blogger from here.
This is one of many special gift
that I got and will always remember
for the year 2011
I may say bye for this year 
but not to my friends from here..

Please don't change... or else.. 

Just kidding!! :)

I love all my friends!!
Happy New Year to all of you!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

For This Coming Year

Few days from now, we're moving to another year of journey. The events of the past could be described as bleak and dismal. Many news headline bear words that are very far from encouraging like, tragedy,  meltdown, tougher times, recession  and poverty that continues to stare back with expressionless eyes at humanity in tears.

However, we must not be perturbed, if we truly believe that God is always around us. We can be sure that blessings from HIM will never get run dry. With our prayer and perseverance or diligent at work will definitely make us move forward for a better life. We all commit mistakes, or fall behind sometimes in our life, but the chances of changing our way to a right path is always there waiting for us. Let's not lose even a bit of hope, that we can overcome all and  live a peaceful life with our family or loved ones, for this new beginning.

"Be always at war with your vices, 
at peace with your neighbors,
and let each New Year find you a better man"
  by: Benjamin Franklin


Friday, December 23, 2011

Forgiveness For This Season

In my previous post, we talked about pampering or giving a treat for ourselves this holiday season. We also talked about our wishes and shared our greetings, we even discussed about how to save money when this seasons come.

Few days ago, misunderstanding between me and my elder sister made us treat each other so cold. We don't talk anymore, we don't look at each other even if we work together.  We don't share food while eating lunch in one place, unlike before. It hurts me a lot, and I know that she felt that way too. But our ego was so high that time and no one wants to ask for forgiveness. I love my sister so much, not because she is my sister, we're best of friends too. After that misunderstanding I don't feel good and  not comfortable being with her, but how long we're going to treat each other like this? If  you're going to ask about what, how or who's  fault it is, all I knew is she was wrong, but because she is older than me, she can't even say sorry for what happened? Is that right? Anyway, because I love her and I can't take this problem for long.  I did the first move, I sent her message  before I start doing this post, my message goes like this, "how are you? why you did not work yesterday? I'm sorry for what happened two days ago, I don't want us to be like this, and I can't stay another day not talking to you, I'm so sorry"..  and she sent back "I'm sorry too, you know that I can't stay that way too, that's why I did not work yesterday" .. my tears begun to fall but my heart feels great after we exchanged forgiveness through phone. Nothing is greater than sharing our love and forgiveness. To err is  human but to forgive is to divine, I truly believe with this. Forgiveness is one precious gift that we can't  exchange for money.

Now, I can say I'm ready to celebrate yuletide season!.. My heart was free from anger because of forgiveness, a precious gift from God that I have in my heart now. Let's all celebrate this season with open heart and positive outlook for tomorrow! :) So, are you ready to celebrate the Yuletide Season?

Happy Holidays !!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Emotionally Mature

"Emotional maturity implies controlling of emotion rather than letting emotion get the better of you."

What are the things to consider when they say, emotionally mature?  Did you know that a person can be chronologically mature, but emotionally immature?  You may be well into your 30s but still be childish in so many ways, like you take everything personally. You feel bad when you don't get attention, or cry when things don't go your way. Are you people like this? I admit sometimes before in my life, I used to act like this, but I found out that this is not good, especially when you have to deal with different people. How will you  understand and improve your relationship with other people if you're emotionally immature? We must  understand our self first, before other people can understand us.  Acting as if  we can't do anything on  tough situation or and easily giving -up, can be sign of emotionally immature. We  need to face the reality  in a given situation.

Mostly people now make their decisions comes from conclusions or react in given situations based  on how things feel to them. Emotionally mature people can experience true empathy. And the empathy is a prime requirement for successful relationships that can make one's emotionally mature. In your own words, how will you define emotionally mature?

"Being emotionally mature doesn't mean getting old, but it's growing-up." 

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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Greetings Tree

 the bottom
     of my heart wishing 
    you all Happy Holiday!
    This season is for all of us
       let's all celebrate and enjoy the
       true spirit of this season with our loved ones.  
       We all knew that this seasons 
     is not just giving material things, 
     but it's sharing of love and respect for
    everybody. This is the best gift that we can
keep. May this season bring us new hope, more 
faith and strength towards life journey. May we learn  to forget
and forgive from the past. More happiness
     for this new beginning. Always remember that the most
important part of this season is remembering GodAnd
  thank Him for giving us another year of  life and His never-ending
love and care. A prayer together with  our family that comes from our heart is 
one way to show  how thankful we  are for all  the
that God
 given us.

May this seasons bring us joy and prosperous one!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friendly Christmas Wishes

Our friends are part of our everyday life they can be part of our family too. Buying them special gift is different from sending them our best friendly wishes. This season is the perfect time to look back over the year and give thanks for all that we have received. However, if we concentrate only on the material things of life, we may feel discouraged about not having enough money to buy all the things we wanted, and forget to show our appreciation to others especially to our family and friends. I would like to share with you my special word/message and a wish for my friend.

You are so special and so close to me,
I can't remember how many times you
   comfort me when I feel down, how many
 times you lend me your ear and gave
me your shoulder when I feel like
  crying. You always encouraged
and helped me to hold tight
when difficulties and
  trials of life  
trying to
get me. 
 Holiday season was
coming  so near and you 
know that it won't be complete

without sending you all my best wishes my friend.
Thank you so much! I am wishing you all the best in life,
more blessings,good health and more happiness my dearest friend.

What about you, aside from giving your friend a special gift, what is your best word for your friend this  coming Christmas Holiday?

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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Let's talk about unforgettable memories this time. Every one  has this thing for sure, whether good or bad memories that happened just this year. Few days from now we are entering another year of journey in this world, and some of us are making their New Years Resolution list or wish by now, are you one of them? Okay, what matters most is we are thinking  for some changes in our life, for better and more achieving  this time, that's why it's called resolution.

My life has a lot of unforgettable, good and bad memories this year, I want to share with you two of my most unforgettable experiences that I can't forget but looking forward to improve it and the other is to leave and try to forget it.

Good thing I want to last
Someone gave me reason to continue dreaming for tomorrow, never lose hope and show me the truth behind the word Love. I want this thing to last, and promised to take good care of it and never let this go.

Bad thing I want to forget
Someone that ruin my life and made it complicated. Someone that is hiding from a mask of God fearing person but the truth is sent by evil spirit to take advantage to other people. I wish and pray that this thing left in my mind would erased forever.

Unforgettable memories or things are just part of our life,  we can improve or  resolve them if needed.  Life is not like a bed of roses, there are always ups and downs, good and bad, but what important is we are always learning and growing through experiences in life, May this coming New Year bring us more good memories in life. What about you, do you have some unforgettable too?

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Treat Yourself Too !

As we all knew, Spirit of Christmas is sharing and showing of love and care to our loved ones.  Aside from being cheerful or more cheerful this coming year, I would love to give myself another gift or treat. Yes, we deserve a treat for ourselves too! I know more of us now are thinking and preparing something that can give happiness to our family or friends. Did it comes to your mind that we, ourselves need and deserve it too? Right, a treat that comes from our own. Like me, I always forgot to treat myself. Now I want to change it, I want myself to feel and see how lucky I am for being me..

All I want for myself ;

  • My life before was not easy like I used to tell everybody, and I almost forgot to smile, that's why my first gift for myself is CHEERFULNESS. :)  I want to stay longer with my family, so I need to be always gloomy to stay beautiful and fit, lols.. Actually, being cheerful is healthy that's why I choose it first..:)

  • A year of too much work and stress, maybe it would be relaxing if I'll try to visit salon and spa once again. From head to foot..:) What do you think? Would you like to join me?

  • What about shopping? Do you love shopping? Actually I am not that addict when it comes to shopping, it's bag and shoes are addicted to me! lols.. I love collecting bags and shoes! :)

    • Last year I gave myself  trip to Malaysia, yes all alone! A time for myself, peace of mind and enjoyment too. Sometimes we really need to go other places just to relax our mind. This is the most expensive treat I gave for myself , and I want to try it again if not this year hopefully soon by next year if God's will. I need to work harder again to have this treat! :)

        Everybody needs a special treatment, including ourselves. If we really want to feel the spirit of this coming holidays, treat yourself too. It doesn't matter how you gonna do it, as long as it can makes you happy, that's the best gift we can give to ourselves, happiness..

        How do you pamper yourself when this holidays was coming? Do you treat yourself too?

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        Saturday, December 3, 2011

        Be Cheerful.. It's Free ! :)


                    "Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time."
                                                  (Proverbs 17:22, Today's English Version)

        Another year was coming near, give our self a treat everyday, cheerfulness..!:) We must be cheerful because this keeps us healthy. To be cheerful, we should possess a happy outlook in life. If we are gloomy all the time, we slowly killing ourselves. A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but that's not all that a cheerful or glad face heart brings. It also makes a happy face.:)

        If our heart is cheerful or glad, it will show in our face. Happiness inside is manifested in our outward appearance, and this is good for our health. To be genuinely happy, we should know how to deal with stress,anxiety, and worry, which are a part of life here on earth. We should be healthy not only physically, but mentally and spiritually  as well. We need to learn how to manage and solve life's problems because if not, these will not only makes us sad but will also take a toll on our health and our spiritual well-being. Such sad situation then will run counter to how we ought to live our lives. We should know with God's help and guidance, and a positive outlook in life, we can be full of joy as we continue stand firm in our faith.:)

        Be cheerful, it's free.. no toll and less wrinkles too! :)

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        Friday, December 2, 2011

        My Heart..

        Today all I wanted to do is to send my 
        deepest THANKS
        to all who wishes
        and send their greetings..

        You made my heart feel so special

        God Bless Us All..

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        Thursday, December 1, 2011

        A New Beginning..

        It's a new beginning, as I remember my life never comes easy, difficulties and hardship always around me. I'm thankful because am standing still and never give up. I have my friends who are always there through rain or shine and  my family most especially my kids whom I love so much, they are giving me reason and inspiration to continue dreaming for tomorrow.
          I want my past to make me better and not a bitter
          more faith, hope and strength for new beginning..

        Thank you my Lord
        for all the blessings and another year of my life..

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