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Let's talk about unforgettable memories this time. Every one  has this thing for sure, whether good or bad memories that happened just this year. Few days from now we are entering another year of journey in this world, and some of us are making their New Years Resolution list or wish by now, are you one of them? Okay, what matters most is we are thinking  for some changes in our life, for better and more achieving  this time, that's why it's called resolution.

My life has a lot of unforgettable, good and bad memories this year, I want to share with you two of my most unforgettable experiences that I can't forget but looking forward to improve it and the other is to leave and try to forget it.

Good thing I want to last
Someone gave me reason to continue dreaming for tomorrow, never lose hope and show me the truth behind the word Love. I want this thing to last, and promised to take good care of it and never let this go.

Bad thing I want to forget
Someone that ruin my life and made it complicated. Someone that is hiding from a mask of God fearing person but the truth is sent by evil spirit to take advantage to other people. I wish and pray that this thing left in my mind would erased forever.

Unforgettable memories or things are just part of our life,  we can improve or  resolve them if needed.  Life is not like a bed of roses, there are always ups and downs, good and bad, but what important is we are always learning and growing through experiences in life, May this coming New Year bring us more good memories in life. What about you, do you have some unforgettable too?

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  1. woooooottt..ate fast forward..Christmas is still coming oh..hehehe..

    the best thing that happened to me this year is obviously quiet angel came into my life that was last September so we have been lovers for more than a year now weeee..

    the worst thing hmmmmm ah eh.. none..maybe because on every circumstances I usually take it as a matter how bad it is..I have no choice but to stand up again and fight to live for my kids and future family ;)

  2. Extremely sorry to learn about the sad part of life. Interesting to note that someone very special is there who is the constant source of your not losing hope in the possibilities of life and your positivity despite all the odds. Life, virtually, is a continuous battle that you have to wage, first with odds lying dormant within yourself and then against the outside force. This is the reason for which god sends us here. He tests us by testing our patience. He wants to see that despite all the odds, trials and tribulations, how many of us can persistently follow His path of good. Well-written.

  3. I'm happy to know that there is a good thing you wish to last. I believe in life, there is a balance side of it. You see, you have one unforgettable "bad" experience but God gives you another one which gives you hope for a better tomorrow. So, look forward and stick to the better one.

  4. Well, as the Chinese say, "Yin and Yang." It's a balance, life would be imperfect without the imperfections. So life is perfect with imperfections, get it?
    Even if you do have bad memories, these things have become a part of you and have made you the way you are now. You wouldn't want to loose that, would you? Ha!


  5. Hi sweetie.
    My life this year was like a drunken sailor, swaggering around, making me sick and sometimes wanted me to give up. We need to accept a lot of things in our lives, good or bad. Those that hurt us, actually do us a favor as we learn from that experience, not nice, but nothing we can really do about it.
    I am glad to hear that you have someone who had an impact on your life for the better.
    The one that ruined your life, lost a very precious person, his lost and bad.
    I will always carry some bad memories with me, but the good ones overshadow them, luckily.
    One day, we will look back and laugh about the bad ones though.
    Great post.

  6. great sharing Sagittarian. i'm honored to be able to read this special moments of yours for this whole year.

    may what you wish comes true in the upcoming year. wishing you all the best my friend.

  7. Hmmm my list is quite like in "bad things" to just forget for the rest of my life. I need to start fresh and just think positive. I want nothing but good things coming my way but I guess I haven't been really focused on it for all the bad things that kept me busy. Oh well, I just want to let them go.

  8. @Sie,

    Hi..:) Good morning!:) Yap, it's something like I want to fast forward the time!:)Uhmmm.. I know your year was memorable too because of q.a..:) I'm happy for you!:)

    Happy Sunday!:)

  9. @Sam,

    Hi Sam.:) Thank you so much for being so nice all the time, you know that you're one of those whom I should thank always..:)You're right, God sent us trials to see how we can go through and how our faith can hold on to His word. He wanted us to be more stronger despite of everything,:)

    Thank you again Sam, you know that I owe some from you too..:) God bless you!:)

  10. @Balqis,

    You're right,a balance life from God and He wanted us all to walk in a good path all the time, He let us see and feel some bad things for us to see that He is always there if we needed Him.

    Thank you so much Balqis, you're words are always an inspiration to me..:) Like my other friends here, you're one of those whom I should thank all the time, because you are one of those good things I got this year.. Thank you for being such a great friend..:) Happy Sunday!:)

  11. @Heidi,

    Right, "Yin and Yang".. You said it well!:) Just like, thank God there are ugly and we are those pretty!:)) Lols.. I'm just kidding!:) But, thank you so much.. what you said are all true, what important is we know that after those bad things for sure there are good things coming in!:)

    Thanks for sharing comment and for sharing your smile here with us!:) Happy Sunday!:)

  12. @Berlina,

    Thanks for coming in and shared us your word. It's true even if our life are always experiencing bad things that sometimes pulling us down and make us cry more often, even if we're almost there to give up,still we're here because that's Gods will, He is just giving us trials to see our patience but His help will always around no matter what happen. Bad memories are there to warn us and not to hold us back, but pushing us to find other way to see the good things in life..:)

    Thank you so much for your nice word Berlina..:) Wish you all the best, happy Sunday!:)

  13. @Inspector,

    Thank you for coming..:)it's my pleasure to share my unforgettable to all my friends, I may not be perfect but I'm trying to be on the right side after the imperfection or bad things happened. And I wish all those bad will left behind, and continue all the good things.

    Thank you so much!:) Blessed Sunday!:)

  14. @Miss Lego,

    Hi..:) thanks for sharing!:) Right, let's start for the good things! Always think positive even if there were a lot of bad things happened before, let's leave them and forget all those bad memories!:)

    Thank you so much!:) Wishing you all the best!:)

  15. ~*Thanks for Heide mentioning the 'Yin and Yang'*~

    Hello Sis, I am happy to see this very nice post of yours. I am truly happy for you! I know that you deserve one person that will love you with no condition, I know that there is a person that will be sent to you from the heaven who wears the transparent mask. See, the frustration, the pain that you have encountered and felt before made you stronger as a woman? Please tell me if I am wrong! It is true that happiness won't be felt when we never fell sadness, those two make us human actually, with heart sensitive enough! :)

    As for me... I have ups and downs, I have loss and frustration but I treated them as part of my life, I wont be surely living just lying on my back with the bed of roses with it's sweet fragrance, but for sure there would be the 'plus'... what is that, the plus would be the thorns of rose that might hurt my back!

    ~***~2012~***~ I find it a really good start to start new things and to continue that things that I have started which I know will be fruitful in the comings to come. I want to strengthen my faith with God, I want to strengthen my relationship with my family, with the one I love, with my friends like you, and I want to do my best with my job and to my blogging journey! Have a blessed Sunday to you there my Big Sister Sis Dang! :)

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    xo Cherry A.

  17. @Cherry,

    hi!:) Done for voting!:) And your Christmas tree was so cute!:) And your leading the poll!:) Congrats in advance!:)

  18. @Prime,

    Thank you so much for your not too long comment ,uhmm.. that makes my heart feel so good..:) A very special friend to consider even at your young age you are very smart when it comes to life matter..:) Thank you so much! And your right on what you just said, bad memories made me more stronger, and see the good things in life too..:)

    Thank you so much Prime..:) May this coming year be lucky for all of us!:) God bless us all!:)

  19. This has been a bad year for me, however I can still count my blessings because I have my health.
    With good health anything is possible.
    I love your blog and that picture of the baby is adorable.
    Thank you for visiting my Blog and for becoming one of my followers. It is an honor to have you.
    Cheers ಌღ

  20. @glow,

    Hi!:) Thanks for coming, it's a great honor too having you here and penned down comment, thank you so much!:)

    Wonderful day ahead!:)

  21. Not too long comment ha, LOL, anyway Sis I am just so *kulit* to you, well, I am struggling to be a good one! Have a great day my friend :)

  22. Lovely post,
    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting <3

  23. @Prime,

    As always, thank you so much..:) Good morning!:)

  24. @MoOn,

    Hi, thanks too for visiting me back and following as well..:) It's a great honor for me, I'm happy to have a new friend :) Thank you so much. God bless us all!:)

  25. Lol at Sie's comment. Christmas is still coming. Excited? Kidding aside, there would always be unforgettable memories. We tend to learn from them and make the most out of it. Let's embrace these moments and look forward to the new year. May you also have a blessed year ahead :)

  26. @Wawan,

    hahaha.. yap, too excited to leave this year!:)) and start for another year!:) Your right, memories are always there good or bad what matters most is we are learning from it..:)

    Have a blessed year ahead for you too!:))

  27. I do have a few events from this past year that I wish I could forget! But most of them I will choose to remember.

  28. @Lisa @ Two Bears Farm,

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing us some of your words, :) God bless you:)

  29. Oh! UNFORGETTABLE you have labelled the events that have caressed and rocked your tender heart. What shall I say to express my feeling in this regard? Anyway, I just try to say that I am so happy[:)], as well as so sad[:(] to hear about your unforgettable events! Unforgettable ones are unforgettable!! You know, I know and perhaps everyone knows that you can't forget them, since you have just said they are unforgettable! Anyway, wish you heart-ful and mind-ful of unforgettable happy events throughout the coming new year so that those sad ones will fail to make any room there in your heart and mind! :)

  30. Good morning Sis Dang Just want to see I am here to check all your blogs, you know I don't want to miss any single one here :) Keep it coming Sis Dang but I understand you must be busy like me these days. More power to you always Big Sister...

  31. @Suresh,

    Hi...:) Hmmmm.. yap, right unforgettable one, that's it!:) But how can we forget those bad ones,it won't be unforgettable anymore if we are going to forget it,lols..:) Anyways..:) What matters most is from those bad I learned and start the good one, right?

    Thank you always Suresh..:) Hope your doing great!:) I know you do!:)

  32. @Prime,

    Hi.. good eve..:) Thank you so much.. nothing to write, hmmm..maybe because I miss someone my inspiration?? lols.. just kidding..:))Actually a bit busy here..lols Thank you so much!:)

    God bless..:)

  33. yes you are so right, this year I have so many memories and some of it I am going to keep and cherries and some I am glad because I experienced it and learned lesson from it... true that life is like a roller coaster sometimes fast and furious but most of the times wonderful to live in... :-)

  34. @Will Of Heart,

    Thank you so much, for sharing us your valuable words,it's so true that life has many direction but what matters most is we are here to live and to learn, be grateful all the time,whether it's good or bad experiences 'coz we're just being tested.:) Keep holding on tight!:)

    Thank you so much!:)


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