Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Treat Yourself Too !

As we all knew, Spirit of Christmas is sharing and showing of love and care to our loved ones.  Aside from being cheerful or more cheerful this coming year, I would love to give myself another gift or treat. Yes, we deserve a treat for ourselves too! I know more of us now are thinking and preparing something that can give happiness to our family or friends. Did it comes to your mind that we, ourselves need and deserve it too? Right, a treat that comes from our own. Like me, I always forgot to treat myself. Now I want to change it, I want myself to feel and see how lucky I am for being me..

All I want for myself ;

  • My life before was not easy like I used to tell everybody, and I almost forgot to smile, that's why my first gift for myself is CHEERFULNESS. :)  I want to stay longer with my family, so I need to be always gloomy to stay beautiful and fit, lols.. Actually, being cheerful is healthy that's why I choose it first..:)

  • A year of too much work and stress, maybe it would be relaxing if I'll try to visit salon and spa once again. From head to foot..:) What do you think? Would you like to join me?

  • What about shopping? Do you love shopping? Actually I am not that addict when it comes to shopping, it's bag and shoes are addicted to me! lols.. I love collecting bags and shoes! :)

    • Last year I gave myself  trip to Malaysia, yes all alone! A time for myself, peace of mind and enjoyment too. Sometimes we really need to go other places just to relax our mind. This is the most expensive treat I gave for myself , and I want to try it again if not this year hopefully soon by next year if God's will. I need to work harder again to have this treat! :)

        Everybody needs a special treatment, including ourselves. If we really want to feel the spirit of this coming holidays, treat yourself too. It doesn't matter how you gonna do it, as long as it can makes you happy, that's the best gift we can give to ourselves, happiness..

        How do you pamper yourself when this holidays was coming? Do you treat yourself too?

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        1. we really need some time to relax and treat ourselves ate..I treat myself by simply munching my favorite chocos and fruit shake hehehe..a wish treat maybe..relaxing in a beach with my hon which we already planned when time finally gives us the chance..passing by teh ;)

          you woke up so early hala 5 a.m. you visited my site..hala ate simbang gabi started na ba? hehehe ;)

        2. yes we deserve the treat. sometimes we sacrifice a lot for others without we realize it.

          do treat yourself with what you love. and by the way, how was the trip to Malaysia? :)

          wishing all the best to you :)

        3. I like reading all the treats for yourself. Once in awhile, we should pamper ourselves after working hard everyday.

          You must be in Kuala Lumpur during your Malaysia's trip. Just guessing! I hope you had an enjoyable and wonderful stay. :)

        4. We always deserve a treat, and I am so happy that you have the good list to choose from Sis Dang, and you know, maybe the best treat I can give to myself too this holiday is cheerfulness, I want to be always cheerful, and they said if you always wear a smile you always look smart! Is that true Sis? And oh, I am so happy knowing that you had been to Malaysia already, here it is still a dream to have a trip out of the country but who knows LOL.... have a great day Sis Dang!

        5. @Sie,

          Thanks for passing by..:) I was thinking maybe that chocos is really yummy, I would love to try it too..lols.. Oh, your wish treat is so romantic, ofcourse if with your hon syempre..:) May your wishes be granted soon sis..:)

          I woke up early everyday for the kids, maaga kase service nila sa school I need to check everything for them, tapos diretso na sa favorite hang-out, tambayan.. bloggers.com .. hehehe... Gud evening po..:)

        6. @Inspector,

          Thanks, my trip to Malaysia, was unforgettable!:) If given a chance maybe I would love to visit Malaysia again :)

          Thanks Inspector, hope you have something for yourself too!:)

        7. @Balqis,

          Right, atleast once in awhile pampering ourselves is not bad.:)Yap, at Kuala Lumpur, I had my trip unforgettable and I really enjoy my stay there, even if I'm alone, I enjoy walking all alone,one time I was lost, I lost my way back to hotel where I am staying, oh.. lols.. I just laugh at myself, but it's ok no one knows me there,who cares if I walked a miles?? lols.. But I really had fun, the environment, I want the clean and green of your country, and no pollution..:) I really enjoy visiting your country :)

          Hope I can visit again,:) Great evening! :)

        8. @Prime,

          Thank you..:) It's true, being cheerful all the time can make ones look smart, or it's added good points to your personality..:)Everybody can dream and that's free Prime,lols..:)) Who knows one day you too or with Ed can travel outside country too :)

          Thanks for dropping by, have a nice evening!:)

        9. It is a very good idea Saggi.....even we too deserve something special for Christmas! Well, i think, for myself, i would like to share some wonderful moments with each and every member of my family, individually. Since i am living n hostel, so its not possible to know their probs, as they keep it hidden frm me. So in this season, i wud lyk to spend tym wid them, make them laugh, hug them tight and make some honest promises which i am definetly ging to keep! :)
          Nice pot friend.....i did got d chance to share my decision through your post....thnks again! :)

        10. sorry, my typos...nice post!!!!

        11. Thanks for reminding me I need to treat myself. I used to like taking a coach somewhere far and just look outside the window. I loved the anonymity of being alone. I need to do that again, soon. But maybe a trip to Malaysia would be better.... dream.. dream.... I'll keep my fingers crossed.

        12. @Aakriti,

          Hi!:) Nice treat for yourself, so sweet.. for sure you and your loved ones definitely will have great a time together! Giving them individual attention is one way to know more about their interest and dreams, bonding moments with them individually is really one of the best gift especially like you living in hostel.

          Thanks a lot for sharing about your decision here with my post, It's really an honor for me to know about yours..:) Thank you so much Aakriti!:) No prob with typo,as long as we can understand it, hehe.. right? I really appreciate your time sharing, :)

          Have a wonderful time!:) Happy Holidays!:)

        13. @zimdev,

          Hi, thanks for dropping by..:) That would be a great treat too!:)It can relax our mind either, I want to try yours, looking far outside the window alone especially before sunrise, wow!:) and yes, Malaysia is a good place to visit :) May your wishes come true.. :)

          Thanks for coming, it's an honor for me to have new friends through blogosphere..:) Happy holidays! Looking forward to hear from you again,:) God bless...:)

        14. Hihi. I want this list too. We all deserve to relax and have fun once in a while. I wanna write my own Christmas wish list too. It would be fun hihi

        15. I want the Spa! Massage... so good!

        16. @Ana,

          Hi!:) Miss you here!:) I want that spa too!:) So relaxing!:) Thanks for dropping by!:)

          Wonderful day for you!:)

        17. We share the same wishlist, except i want to travel to New York/Hong Kong. :)

        18. @Cherry,

          Hi:) That's nice!We have the same taste!:) I love it too if New york/Hongkong or any other country,as long as it's free!:) hahaha.. Actually I love traveling, hope we can have it too soon,we need to work, work, work,work! :))

          Thank you so much Cherry!:) Have a nice day!:)

        19. Those are great gifts to give yourself...
          We also need to give ourselves time. We need to take care of ourselves, otherwise we won't be able to function well and take care of other things...
          Great post...


        20. I don't tend to treat myself. A trip to Malaysia sounds very cool.

        21. @Wawan,

          Hi..:) Thanks for sharing! I'm happy because I feel you enjoy my post, thanks a lot!:)

          Yes, treat yourself atleast once in a while for a change diba? thank you...:) Nice knowing you..:) Have a great day!:)

        22. @White witch Hi_D,

          Thanks for sharing, that's true we need to take care ourselves first in order to stay strong so we can take care other things as-well. Thanks for passing by!:) Have a nice time in blogging!:)

        23. @Lisa @ Two Bears Farm,

          Thanks a lot for coming!:) Yeah,trip to other country is really great!:) Expensive but worth for sure.:)

          Thank you so much, God bless!:)

        24. Oh thank you Sis, and one thing I can say this time, I wish all a merry Christmas and a bountiful new year! It's not just facing, it's running! Few more sleeps to go Sis! :)

        25. @Prime,

          Your welcome!:) A bountiful new year for all of us!:) I would love it kuya if you will be the first to comment on my new post on my other blog, discover it now..hehehehe.. just for fun!:)) Great evening!:)

        26. This is so true, We are always busy running for this or that, for this we never take the time to thank of ourselves, I thought our article was fabulous at right to the point, I think i just might go out now and buy me something, Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog and commenting. Anna

        27. yeah you said it, we should really ask santa to make christmass present for adult. lol just saying :)

        28. @Anna Bee

          Thanks for sharing,it's true sometimes we are too busy making others happy but we forgot ourselves, and that's me before.. :) That's good idea Anna, buy something for yourself and you will feel different, because your heart saying thanks to you,,:)

          Thanks for sharing Anna.:) God bless you..:)

        29. @Ekkem Spark,

          Hi, thanks for sharing your comments!:) Yeah, Santa will visit us, dressed up now!:) lols.. And give yourself something special this holiday season!:)

          Thank you for coming..:) Hope to see and hear from you always..:) Have a nice day!:)

        30. hi saggittarian, very interesting wishes you are hoping to get and i share some of them too, like lots of smiles and travel- a new happier life for me.

        31. @Wan,

          Hi there!:) Thanks for sharing and visiting me here,:) It's really an honor for me..:) Thank you!:) Yeah, that's great, smile and travel are some of the best gift we can give to ourselves this holiday season, the most important thing is the happiness that we can get from it.:)

          Have a nice day Wan!:)

        32. i would love love love to treat myself, once i get the time to begin with hahaha... thanks for this post. :)

        33. @Isa,

          Hi!:) Thanks for coming!:) Right, let's give our self a treat!:) Have a nice day!:) Hope you're always fine even if you're too far now..:)God bless!:)

        34. yes true through out the year we work so hard not only for our self but of course for our love ones, so I guess we sometimes need a break... okay let me think how I am going to do it... :-)

        35. @Will Of Heart,

          Hi there!:) Right, working too hard and we really need a break!:) Some party!:)) Thanks for coming!:)

          Merry Christmas!:)

        36. I totally agree. We need to look after ourselves too, it's very important. So ok I am not a shopping fan, but let's plan a Spa afternoon! Nothing to do, only relaxation and harmony. Smiling a lot and planning a trip soon!
          Treating oneself is the only way to have enough so we can then share with others. If we give too much of ourselves we finish exhausted and depressed.
          Take care and enjoy pleasing you!!!xoxo

        37. @Marie,

          Hi!:) Yap, we need to treat ourselves too!:) Let's not abuse our body because of too much work and stress, we need to take care of it,for our family and loved ones too!:) Thank you Marie! Alright, SPA for both of us!:) Great time!:)


        ..I would love to hear from you..:)