Thursday, June 16, 2011

Buying Gadgets In Practical Way

Looking for a quality gadgets that can suit your pocket? Well, most of us are looking for those gadgets that has good quality, best features and low cost. Let me share you some of this gadget.

Instead of buying digital camera alone using for capturing special moments, why not try digital camera that can also be used underwater? You can use it anytime and anywhere, for sure all moves can be captured by this underwater digital camera.

Why do we use cellphones? Our main reason is  for easy and fast communication. If this is your reason too, then you don't need to buy too expensive cellphones, as long as your cellphones has good quality, original parts for long life using, is enough if you don't have much money on your pocket.

When buying laptop see to it that it has all the features  you need, look for it's built-in memory  if  can store all your files, some laptop are only good in our eyes because of their outside designs, but not in performance and make sure that it was not yet repaired and has original parts too.

One more thing to consider in buying gadgets is make sure you bought it from registered dealers or stores, whether it is brand new or second hand, as long it has good  quality, original parts and of course the warranty.


Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Visa ... Unforgettable..

I want to share my unforgettable times in getting my first visa to travel outside my country. I was so excited when my passport was stamped for the first time!

This country is part of Asia, you can go anytime as long as you have your plane ticket, pocket money and hotel reservation, as easy as that! But not for me, I was rejected  twice by our Immigration, for the reason of insufficient documents.  My plane ticket  was wasted  because they are not refundable.

I tried my luck for the third time and that was December 29, 2010 and this time I got it!  Am so excited  that day, especially when I first enter the waiting area or departure area, waiting for the plane to arrive! Cebu Pacific 5J-501 / 9:45 PM departure time,. Wow!!!.. 

Until we arrived our destination and stepped-out  of the plane, start walking outside, ooh..feel great!.. And whispered... Here I am Malaysia!..  Thanks to Philippine Immigration for the unforgettable experiences I had! This is one of my unforgettable moment!.:)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Mean This..

                           I want to share this post to all my:

                                Best friends 
                                Love of my life
                                Or even
                                Grand parents, I
                                Guarantee you
                                Effective and efficient
                                Reading materials that

                                Ones satisfaction to all


Friday, June 10, 2011


Poem  from my heart......

As i remember what i have done in my life
The path that i took the decisions i made
I humbly bow my head oh Heavenly Father,
For all the things that You have given  me

There are times when skies  were gray
And I am on verge of giving up
You did not allow me to fall
You quickly came and always rescue me

You taught me to be  strong never lose my hope
You taught me to hold on and fight for the good
How lucky i am, to be one of your children
May You accept my poem and my humble thanks

Only for you my Heavenly Father