Friday, June 10, 2011


Poem  from my heart......

As i remember what i have done in my life
The path that i took the decisions i made
I humbly bow my head oh Heavenly Father,
For all the things that You have given  me

There are times when skies  were gray
And I am on verge of giving up
You did not allow me to fall
You quickly came and always rescue me

You taught me to be  strong never lose my hope
You taught me to hold on and fight for the good
How lucky i am, to be one of your children
May You accept my poem and my humble thanks

Only for you my Heavenly Father


  1. I love this Sis. Expressing gratitude to the One that give us this life can give him Glory Sis. I guess He is not asking for more from us :)

  2. Thanks a lot Prime..:) One of the best way to give thanks to our Savior..:) Have a great day!:)


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