Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Visa ... Unforgettable..

I want to share my unforgettable times in getting my first visa to travel outside my country. I was so excited when my passport was stamped for the first time!

This country is part of Asia, you can go anytime as long as you have your plane ticket, pocket money and hotel reservation, as easy as that! But not for me, I was rejected  twice by our Immigration, for the reason of insufficient documents.  My plane ticket  was wasted  because they are not refundable.

I tried my luck for the third time and that was December 29, 2010 and this time I got it!  Am so excited  that day, especially when I first enter the waiting area or departure area, waiting for the plane to arrive! Cebu Pacific 5J-501 / 9:45 PM departure time,. Wow!!!.. 

Until we arrived our destination and stepped-out  of the plane, start walking outside, ooh..feel great!.. And whispered... Here I am Malaysia!..  Thanks to Philippine Immigration for the unforgettable experiences I had! This is one of my unforgettable moment!.:)


  1. Hey Sagittarian!

    I was following your blogs (it is not easy matter for a guy with a time issue! You are prolific in entries!)

    So I was following your blogs and decided to stir your cup here.

    In My First Visa... Unforgettable...

    Why? you may ask, since I have a myriad of juicy subjects that really matter to everybody, while this one was a personal, nontransferable experience?

    Well, just for that same reason. I read many beautiful entries about love, needs, and wants, also I read many beautiful comments about the same things. So I asked myself, what can I add, in an original way, to all these wonderful answers? Nothing!

    So I looked for something that was a virgin field and lo! here I am!

    You know, I could not but smile reading this entry, it is so fresh, so young! You brought memories from my first travel around this, our beautiful and hapless planet, as I like to see our Earth!

    But then, I realized it was not too long ago, only two decades visiting every continent, every country; being absorbed by any cultural environment, and coming out of one experience to be immersed into the next.

    But I was unaware of the immensity of these situations until I read your post!

    That is when I had the mental awakening of the wonder it was all about! Now, that I use to feel depressed (and angry) each time they ask me if my passport is valid, and want me to catch a plane to the antipodes in the next two or three hours!

    Really, it was your post that opened my eyes to the marvel of doing something weird, and take it as normal living!

    So, thank you! thank you, for giving me the opportunity to learn that not all things that happen to us are wrong or evil!

    Be happy! Life is not that long!! :)


  2. Thanks a lot untony! You don't have an idea how happy I am after reading your comment!.:) It was a great honor for me every time I was visited by one of the best, I'm flattered because here you are saying too much words that makes my heart feel good.. It should be me who need to say thank you because you appreciate my post..:)

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment..:)


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