Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shape Even After Thirty

When shapes, figure or fitness matter, women always wanted to get fit.  Women at their 20s don't worry much about their shape, they eat what they please and be as sedentary as a rock with nary an ill effect. But if they continue their merrymaking, and keep it until they reach 30, 40 or 50s they will turn into a grumpy blob at high risk for smorgasbord of nasty diseases.

During 30s, generally women become a lot less active . Then come the babies, complete control of their lives and responsibilities. That's when they tend to gain weight and lose their shapes.

During 40s, women face constant stress, making important decisions about lives and thinking seriously about preventing disease to have longer life for their family most especially.

During 50s, women start to face menopause and an entirely new spectrum of health issues, since body begin producing less estrogen. The ageing  process begins to accelerate at 50.

Walking is one way to stay in shape even after 30. It's practical and beneficial at any age and particularly sensible for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Why walking?

* One reason is easy to start, joints are not forced and the impact is reduces by at least a third compared running. And it can increase bone density.

* Walking is all-day energy, can make you fit and energetic throughout the day.

* Walking also protect women from nearly all the chronic diseases that can come along during those years and beyond. 

* Walking briskly not only burns kilos while you're hitting the footpath but also after you finish.

* Walking causes your brain to produce mood-elevating beta-endorphins, and may help prevent you from becoming depressed or anxious.

Beyond all, walking can add quality to your life. Any walker will reel off the benefits - self esteem, confidence and positive outlook  physically and mentally fit as decades go by. Walking is one best way to stay fit and in shape even after you thirty.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~Sharing.. Wednesday Photo Inspirations.. (#4)

Sharing among children is my Wednesday inspirations.
 These photos caught my attention and find them very
inspiring. If all of us knew how importance sharing is, maybe there's no hunger, poverty, and fighting here on Earth.

Encourage and let our children engage in sharing. 

NO race, color or age
Sharing is for everybody..

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Creativity One Hidden Talent

Did you know that we all have our hidden talent? Have you discovered what was that hidden talent you have? If not, tap it now and give yourself a chance to show and explore it. 

In these world of blogging, sharing ideas, experiences or even promoting advertisements can be considered talent from many bloggers and the good thing is, they earn money out from their talent. What more if you can write poetry, stories, novel or paint something suitable for framing? Being creative is one hidden talent that others don't know,in simple way of expressing and penning down emotions, we are being creative.

Creative mind is good for your health, it enriches free time, reduces stress and brings better mental and physical as well. It can even make you smarter. Everyday routine dulls our minds, creative expression gives our brains a workout, activating new circuits in our grey matter.

Here's are some how to tap our hidden talent;

* Let it flow, creativity does not necessarily require an act of will or sweat on the brow. It's about getting beyond logic.

* Be spontaneous, creativity asks us to change the way we live our lives to turn away from normal way of doing things and express our individuality.

* Start something... or anything... that you really want to do or explore. From the word 'I have no talent; I'm not smart enough; I'm not gifted' can be one step forward to try new things and creative. Ability or intelligence doesn't limit  people's creativity. If you want to be more creative, you have to take more risks.

*Get out of the box, make the time well spent. If your talent can't take you to fame or fortune,for sure it can be life altering, it can lead you to a big changes in your work, social circle and other pursuits. 

Isn't it a big reward if we can live or die with at least one of our wishes was fulfilled? We'll never know what we got until we try.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


From the very beginning, many are aware that the world in which we live will not endure. Many are cognizant too, of the fact that man's life including his possessions-wealth, health, honor, wisdom, and or power are fleeting. Breath of every human is temporary and people will suffer from many adversities and trouble while at journey. We are just a stranger and or a sojourners in this world.

Despite of those things, we are trying to preserve our lives, doing all we can in order to improve and be better off, it's because life is a gift from God. We all wanted to succeed and have a good results at the end, in relationship, career, or anything that people wanted to achieve.

Success is not easy as what other people used to tell, but we are all entitled to have it if we knew how to get and work for it. We can read and find the word success first before work in any dictionaries. But in real life, 'work comes first before success'

If we want the word success, let's work hard for it. We can do it, one step at a time, set your goals and help yourself to achieve it.

"Success is better done than said"

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

HELLO can change YOU..

Is it possible to say 'Hello' without smiling?  I don't think so.. It's impossible, right? What does the word 'hello' means to you? Hello is one of the most basic gesture that we use almost everyday. Can you count how many times you said hello in a day? Are you one of those people who doesn't have time to greet?

Even though how hectic or busy our schedules are, this word hello can be shared in a simple way and always shared with a smile. Saying hello is not just a greeting but acknowledgment of existence, it is a pause, however a brief, to affirm another's worth and can have your affirmed in return. 

'Hello' word is one learning tool, we can learn many things with this word. Did you know that this small and simple word of hello can change the world or even can change you? Try to master this word, share it with everybody, including those people you really don't know. You will see the big difference and the good result of this word to you and to other people as well to entire world.

Here are just some that I've learned from the word 'hello'

* At first it's not easy to say hello with someone you really don't know. But, I learned that if I will not try how will I know his/her response.  I've met new friends from this simple word.

* I gained respect, more respect from other people. When I started to practice hello word to everybody, even those kids on the street or older people that I used to see outside my house everyday are sharing their hello and smile with me every time I passed by with them.

* It reduces stress. Sometimes in everyday work  you encountered problems that gives us a lot of stress, but when someone pass by and greeted you hello and show their smile, it  lessen your stress because for sure you will greet them back with smile too.

We all know that this word  'hello' is just an ordinary or simple gesture, but it gives a lot of changes to every individual. How about you what have you learned or what have you noticed with the word hello?

Images credit;  musicsongz.com, yoursmiles org.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fire Prevention Month

March is Fire Prevention Month

The observance of Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines began in 1967, under Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A, which was issued by former and late President Ferdinand E. Marcos on November 17, 1966. March was chosen as the fire prevention month, as it marks the start of the hot and dry season here in the Philippines  which most fires occur.

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), the lead agency in the celebration, is calling on all citizens, schools, companies, and communities to be alert, vigilant, and cooperative to avert the incidence of fire. This agency has only limited resources and we can't just rely with them. Our firefighters and other agencies are doing their best to protect our lives and property when incidents of fire was occurred. The public vigilance and precaution remain the best means for fire prevention.  Let us do our share in this regard. 

Prevention is better than cure
 Be aware, fire-safe and free!
Support this campaign.

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