Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Dark Side Of Light At Night

Every Urbanite knows that the bright lights of the city make it impossible to see all the stars in a night sky. What most of us don't know is that those bright lights might also be making us sick, as what some researchers, biologist, epidemiologist found out.

Did you know that light at night is one of many human or people's health hazard especially to us women? In some research, too much exposure to light at night decreases our melatonin level and possible contributor to the increased incidence of breast cancer, depressions and/or may lead to chronic fatigue.

Richard Stevens an epidemiologist at The University of Connecticut Health Centre, has developed the idea that light at night can disrupt critical hormone levels that affect human health. Another study Stevens worked on, showed that  women who worked the overnight shift seemed to have substantially higher at risk of breast cancer rather than those visually impaired woman. How is that happened? The key is melatonin, produced in the brain's pineal gland only when the eyes signal it is dark. Production begins around nightfall, peaks between 1 a.m and 2 a.m, and shuts off during the day. Those who worked under lightning at night could be reducing the amount of melatonin they produce. Experiments have shown that melatonin may inhibit oestogen from stimulating the growth of beast cancer cells, which explains why blind woman presumably maintain high melatonin levels rather than those night shifter woman worker.

What can you say about these studies? What important is we are aware of what's happening and what are the possible effect of too much light at night for us human, especially for us women.

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Source; Reader's Digest - June 2003 Edition,vol 81 no.483

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13TH

Fear of  Friday the 13th or paraskevidekatriaphobia which installs a morbid, irrational fear in some. Friday the 13th considered one of the unluckiest days on the calendar or bad luck day for some.

Superstitious or not, still some people may want to change their schedule or appointment  to avoid bad luck and some will avoid black cats or ladders on this Friday the 13th. This belief or superstition is still unknown it's up to us people how we'll take this Friday the 13th, a bad luck or a good luck.

I always believe that, bad luck or good luck is not only on one specific date. It can happen anytime or any day, the best thing we can do is to take or make some precautions in everything we do to avoid incidents that we might considered bad luck for us. 

Every year has at least one Friday the 13th, while some years have as many as three. But it doesn't mean this dates was given to scare people or fear us in some ways. "Be positive and you will overcome fear" always think positive things to avoid paraskevidekatriaphobia. If we can't cure it, atleast try to avoid thinking about it and fear will be lessen. 

What is Friday the 13th to you? What is your belief  when this date comes?

 Wishing you all 
 Happy and fearless Friday the 13th!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Women's Talk

When you first start dating, it's easy to fall hard and fast. The reason?  He's all -out of mission to charm the pants off you.. literally and figuratively. The wooing stage is about selling themselves and putting their best foot forward. 

Once they succeeded in sweeping you off your feet though, you'll start to notice various changes with them. Some are nice and they seems so much comfortable with you. But others may come across as negative or just plain bizarre.These changes makes us ladies to panic and worry much.

Did you know that men aren't the only one who transform when they become part of couple? Yes, here are some what guys fear most; 

30% She doesn't want sex
20%  She doesn't care much on her looks
15% She become unreasonable
10% She'll get really needy
10%  She'll crack down on guy time
  8%  She'll push for more commitment
  3%  She'll want me to hang with her family
  2%  She'll become home-body
  2%  She'll bitch about my interest in sports.

Statistics and opinion are base on some research I made from neighborhood. Sad to say but some of guys frets were true. Some woman transform or fall with these sign when they become part of couples. 

These changes can cause relationship to get cold as ice that can lead to serious problem like;

* Your guy might lose interest with you
* He start to play (flirt) with other
* He easily get angry or hot tempered in simple things
* Start to hide money from you for his extra curricular activities (dating with others)
* Or worst, he will leave you and file separation or divorce.

Some tips to maintain the sweetness and flame of relationship are, be more aware of what your partners need, discover new things to impress him and make him 'miss' you all the time. Stay beautiful and attractive on his eyes. 

Are you one of those ladies who transformed when become part of couples? How do you maintain your relationship?

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