Saturday, July 2, 2011

Long Distance Relationship, Will You Survive?

Long distance relationship is typically an intimate relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by a considerable distance. If you  will ask those people who had long distance relationships before, they would most likely mention about the tears, the loneliness, the heartaches, the misunderstandings, the sleepless nights, the I-miss-him/her-so-much syndrome, and the long phone calls.

In the advent of Internet, long distance relationships have exploded in popularity as they become less challenging to sustain, with the use and help of modern technology including cell phones, e-mails, online dating and video conferencing that made them possible to keep in touch. But, long distance relationships aren’t for everybody. Do you believe that? If you are someone who ranks physical intimacy over emotional connection, long distance relationships may be extremely challenging to you, but still you can try for it, after all, there's no harm in trying.

There are things to consider in long distance relationship, these are the pros and cons or advantage and dis advantage of being far in a distance from one another. Listed below are some of pros and cons but it is not necessarily means that I am right or correct in my opinion.

    - you can manage your passion, keeping the fire under control as what others say
    - you get to know someone deeply when he or she is far
    - you will learn to appreciate precious moments you spend together
    - can help you grow tremendously and keep you strong

    - loneliness or emptiness in some way and emotional stressful, dating  with the phone or computer alone
    - no physical intimacy, no hugs and kisses or definitely NO SEX in real
    - costly or expensive in a way of long distance or international call

NO DISTANCE can break any relationship if there is  love and emotional attachment, commitment, fidelity, loyalty, constant communication and trust for each other. These are the most common powerful keys to a successful long distance relationship.  If you believe he/she is your dream or the-one you have been waiting for all your life and you couldn’t possibly imagine finding someone else who touches your heart like what he or she does. Give it a chance.. it will really depends on the two tango-in to the tune of love, do it with a pure heart and realistic expectation. It's tricky but  not impossible. Whether or not you end up together, the experience is sure to enrich you.:)


  1. Hey Gal! Thank you for your comment and follow. It takes a special dedication and commitment for a long-distance relationship to work as well as maturity. For example, in the Viet Nam era and earlier wars, the men didn't get to come home on leave as quickly as they do now. When my ex was overseas in Korea (peace-time), he was gone for a year. (He became my ex several years after he was in Korea for a total unrelated reason). All I got were letters. No phone calls, no such thing as e-mails, no leave to come home and visit for a couple of weeks, Nothing. I didn't see him for a solid year. Being alone for that long is definitely NOT easy. No matter how much you love a person, but it's possible to make it work. I have a friend who was overseas for 3 years during WWII, and they were married for 65 years before the wife passed away. The problem is now days, people go into a relationship with a defeatist's attitude. "Oh well, if it doesn't work we can just get a divorce". What a lousy way to look at life. If they give up that easy with something that important,how do they get through the everyday obstacles? Well, I think I've spent my nickel.
    God Bless,

  2. Hi PJ, thanks for dropping by.. Absolutely you are right,being alone for that long years without seeing him or even hear his voice is really NOT easy,especially those years back our technology are not as good as today. Thank you so much PJ for a wonderful words from you. God bless and have a nice day!

  3. Long distance relationships can be have to be willing to invest and trust that person. Which is the most important part of any relationship. It's unfortunate that TRUST is often missing even in short distance relationship which cause them to fail. My feelings are you can't LOVE someone if you don't TRUST them.

    Thanks for the follow and following you now

  4. Hi James, thanks for your comment, and you are right on that, trust is very important whether you are in a short or long distance, both should always have it to make their relationship more stronger.

    Thanks for following too, God bless always..

  5. cool article dude... awesome...
    even i am in a long distance relationship and i feel all points are same as experienced by me...
    good work..
    carry on yaar...
    stay in touch...

  6. Hi Ags, thank's a lot .. Wish you all the best too.. Have a nice day!

  7. Unfortunately. absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder. Loneliness and lust are the number one and two worst enemies in a long-distance relationship,no matter how strong the couple's love is.

    But if a couple, married or single, have a strong commitment to each other it's possible that commitment will keep them grounded and out of trouble. Love is never having to say you're sorry.

  8. Hi Dorothy Charles,Thank you for having time to read my blog and sharing comment. Like what you said, loneliness and lust are the worst enemies of far in a distance, this is true, but because of strong commitment, they were able to handle all the worst enemies.. and with the help of our new technology today, nothing is impossible.. You know what i mean right? ( chatting with video camera can help)lols... Keep in touch friend!

  9. Long distance relationships work fine. It's not about distance, it's all about you. Also, technology has made everything so close. Distance and Time is no longer an issue. Great Post

  10. Hi Saru, thanks for visiting! Relationship is really not about distance, it's all about love and how strong is your commitment to make it more stronger, near or far. Love is everywhere!

    Thanks a lot friend.:)

  11. Cool post. And. I've been in a long distance relationship myself for years now, and finally we're going to live together.

    A long distance relationship is not always easy, but as you stated in your blog entry - tech stuff helps now... a lot. We're on the phone for hours a day.

    50 years ago all this wasn't not even possible. On the other hand, it was no issue either.
    // Jan

  12. Thanks a lot biertjuh58! For taking time to read my blog and share your thoughts too,I appreciate it much..

    Likewise, you said it right, that before we don't have these new technology that helps us connect to our loved ones. Thanks to our modern technology!

    Congats for your successful long distance relationship! Wish you all the happiness! Have a nice day!

  13. It's hard Ate Dang, keeping up a long distance relationship needs a lot of energy and patience, for about two years I am trying to reload myself everyday... but I love the person, I cannot just afford to sit here and do nothing... Keeping the distance near can be possible, becuase a true love don't mind the distance... one thing, it is about trust :)

  14. Hi Prime!:) Thanks for dropping by here..:) You're right Prime being far from a distance is not easy but because like what we say, it's love, trust,commitment binds you to be together and be more stronger despite of being far in a distance..

    Technology now a days is very helpful, constant communication is one more thing and the sweetest word that we always wanted to hear from our love one can makes us feel good and secured, even if he/she is far from you..:)

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  16. Hi Maldita, thanks for sharing insights! :)No distance is an hindrance when truly in love. Happy to hear that both of you are holding on with your relationship, keep it up friend! :)

    Love will keep us alive even if one is far in a distance :)

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