Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trust + Love = Pain ?

Do you know the answer for  this equation of love?  Trust + Love = Pain? There are saying, when you gave trust and love to someone , pain is in return? Maybe other people experienced this kind of love equation, but the truth is, it depends on both  how they treat each other.  When we really love someone, we need to trust and love them without any regrets, it should be Trust + Love = True Love.

Pain is included in the chemistry of love, sometimes it can makes us more stronger. Pain can help you build a strong foundation. Just like what one blogger wrote on his blog pain will help. Don't be afraid to trust and give love. Give yourself a chance to grow more and let  experiences comes in you.

What about you? Do you have your own  equation when it comes to love?


  1. You're right by saying that love comes along with trust and pain. A relationship doesn't work without trust because when both sides are in doubt of each other, this will lead to misunderstanding and quarrel. Apart from that jealousy will always rear its ugly head. It's fine to be jealous to show one is really loving one's partner but when it's overboard, things will turn out messy.

    I agree with you on the pain one would get when in love. I like your line "Don't be afraid to trust and love." and your elaboration on it.

    Thank you so much, Sagittarian. Your equation is cool! This post is so refreshing for me. :)

  2. Hi Balqis, thanks as always.. I feel great when you are always around.:)

    Wish you all the happiness in life. God bless.:)

  3. I gave my trust + love, but he betrayed me.
    However, I still believe in giving trust + love to someone special someday, love of my life, a better one, my Melman :)

  4. Hi Lizzy! Thanks for sharing once again..:) It is really needed to give trust + love to someone special, even if at end is unsuccessful relationship, at least we try our best to give the best just for the name of love.

    Thanks again for sharing...:) Have a nice day!

  5. Hello.
    I actually have my own rules when it comes to love. Don't love as its not really worth the effort. Never trust anyone as once you trust you will get hurt. Trust is easily thrown around, just a shame people don't really know what it means though.
    Nice day.

  6. Hi Berlina!:) Nice to meet and see you around..:) Thanks for sharing your time to read and comment, I really appreciate your visit friend..:)

    Like what you just said, it's true that other people really don't know what does trust really mean, and sad to say sometimes those people whom you trusted most are those who hurt you much..Yet, even if we get hurt so many times because we got the wrong person, still we are hoping that trust+love is not a pain at the end..:)

    Have a wonderful day Berlina..:)

  7. I guess we cannot appreciate love without pain my friend. It's essential for a more lasting relationship. When someone is tested and challenged, he then become a much better person eventually, it is just how love must be founded. It's not just about romance and laughter, it's about pain and sadness and eventually it will become stronger. I am learning to hold a very BIG hope for love my friend :)

  8. Sagittarian, your blog is woderful !!
    Trust + Love + Pain = Life's True Love
    Congratulations for such alovely blog & thanks for sharing it...

  9. Hi Prime! :) Sorry for late reply, I love to hear that you are holding on very BIG hope for love my friend! :)

    We are just learning from pain that we got from love and it doesn't mean when you're in pain you are not capable of having true love..:)

  10. Hi Shahin :) Thanks a lot for your warm greetings!

    I loved to see you enjoying my blog, it's my pleasure my friend! :) Have a nice day! :)


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