Saturday, August 13, 2011

How To Mend Broken Heart

Heartbreak or Broken Heart is usually associated with losing a family member or loved one, insult or social rejection,  major or minor can  also break your heart. But the most and popular cause of  broken heart  is  relationship break-up.  All refers to physical pain felt inside our chest and psychological pain that leads to death for some people.

Mending a broken heart and stop your heart from so much pain is never easy. But we can do it  in "slowly but surely" way to heal the wound. Being heart broken is really painful and can tear us apart. But we need to overcome, stand still and be strong. Listed below are just some way to help those who are still suffering from being heart broken;

Figure it out -  Where is that broken heart came from?  Losing love one or family member?  Social rejection? Or relationship that you want to last but you failed?

Work it out - Start your life again, keep moving, make yourself and your mind busy. Physical activities like going to gym or running can help.

Have a break - If you are not ready for another relationship after your broken heart, atleast give yourself a break, try to have more friends, go out and have fun with them.Create your new world. .

Never lose hope -  Hope can evaporate sadness. It can lead you to a better way to move on. Learn to forgive and forget all the bad memories  it will help you open your mind and heart again.

Prayer - This is the best and the most effective way to mend and heal our broken heart to pray and give thanks to our Lord above. Ask  His guidance in facing the new world..


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the tips to mend a broken heart. I have never been broken-hearted, I mean in a relationship but the loss of family members did in some ways, break my heart. It's because I love them so much. But then again, I have to be realistic and remind myself - we live in this world temporarily. One day, all of us will go to meet the Almighty. At first, It was very difficult to overcome the pain but as time goes by it heals slowly. Fond memories will linger on though.

  2. Thanks Balqis for sharing too, it is really difficult to overcome the pain especially when it is loss of family member. Am happy to hear that relationship never gives you heartbreak, unlike me.:( You are lucky and blessed.:)

    Thank you so much Balqis, wish you more happiness!

  3. hi sagittarian, i always believe that no matter how deeply heart broken or how many times a person got broken hearted... he / she is capable of falling in love all over again, with someone new.
    so why stress..

  4. Hi, it's true, even if how deep is that wound, time will come it will heal too. And falling in love again and again is a big help.

    Thank's a lot for sharing your thought.:) have a nice day!

  5. I believe there are plenty of ways someone could be heartbroken - not being needed by someone, losing opportunity, death, being cheated. All those works for me. To be honest, I still haven't figured an easy way to fix this. I think everyone has the right to feel frustrated, angry and broken hearted. However, I believe time mends everything. In the end, we have the choice to use "it" to make us weaker or stronger. Asking the right questions, "How can I learn from this..." and keeping your heads up could be few ways.

    Good post. I might write a post about this topic in the future.

  6. Thanks Mr Mojo! You got it right, everyone who run from being heart broken have the right to choose, if they want it to make them weak or to make them more stronger. Time will come, wound will heal too, whether we like it or not..

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Heh. I was drawn to the sad little baseball headed guy. :( He looks so sad.

  8. HI, thanks for visiting! Yeah, the little baseball headed guy was so sad thinking if there is really way to mend his broken heart.:( And he is waiting for your opinion too, on how he can overcome his pain...:)

    Thanks a lot, your time for coming is really appreciated! Have a great day!

  9. In my lifetime I have buried a child, both parents, and two in-law relatives. All of those losses hurt, but I can honestly say there is nothing that compares to losing the love of my life after 53 years of being married. There are no words to describe the pain of loss in that situation. If I did not know the Lord, I would never have survived.

  10. Thank you so much Sandy for sharing.. Losing of loved one is the most painful heartbreak for human like us. Same with you, both parents and my eldest sister who became my second mother. Really pain my heart too..

    But I am proud of you, because you never let yourself to be defeated by the pain of being heart broken.. Your faith with our Lord is the best way to start our life again.. Thanks you did it!

    Keep moving... God bless you always!


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