Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Choosing The Right One

How will you know that you have chosen the right one? Not only in choosing people but also in career or things that we need, choosing the best is always our top priority. We  make sure that we got the best out of the best, right? Which do you think is the best to follow? Your head or your heart?

If you think you failed to choose the right one. Is there any chances to correct it? Yes, there are always chances in everything. All you need to do is talk, share and accept your mistakes, from there you can start all over again. Wise decision  should always take it  from head and from our heart.

This is just my own thought. What about you? How do you choose the right one for you?


  1. Thanks for your time to read and share your comment..:)

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  2. excellent blog , ilove it,,,

  3. Great blog! I look forward to following you : )

  4. Thanks a lot Jewels! Hope you enjoy reading and following all my blog.:) Have a nice day!

  5. You're right, Rosalinda. In making decision, we should follow our head and heart. We might have made the wrong decision if we have to follow the heart only without putting into consideration the action we have taken.

    A very good post! :)

  6. I have made the wrong decision in my past. It's just bcoz I followed my heart the most. Thanks for share, Sagittarian :)

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  8. Thanks @Lizzy!

    For your time to visit, read and share your personal thoughts too..:) It's my pleasure to share all what I've been through before, just like you Lizzy I always use my heart before and It makes myself suffer most of the time..That is why I learned that it should be from head and heart always..

    Thanks again... Have a nice day!

  9. I would follow my heart Sis, but this is not absolute though :)

    Sometimes people need to listen to their hearts, but also sometimes we need to listen to our head, sometimes but of them must be carefully consulted in choosing the right one :)

    Yes, most of the times, specially choosing the right career, or the right person for our life, the good decision comes when it is from our heart. Here, I make sure that I have chosen someone or something that I truly love. In that way, I can be truly happy :)

  10. Hi Prime, thank you for sharing comment..:) And it's shown, you are truly in love..:)

    Thanks a lot friend! Keep it up! :)

  11. Your welcome Sis, yes I am truly in love by now, and I guess I must be extra strong enough to defend this precious feeling deep in me. I must build a wall perhpas:) so it would stay closely protected :)


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