Saturday, December 3, 2011

Be Cheerful.. It's Free ! :)


            "Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time."
                                          (Proverbs 17:22, Today's English Version)

Another year was coming near, give our self a treat everyday, cheerfulness..!:) We must be cheerful because this keeps us healthy. To be cheerful, we should possess a happy outlook in life. If we are gloomy all the time, we slowly killing ourselves. A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but that's not all that a cheerful or glad face heart brings. It also makes a happy face.:)

If our heart is cheerful or glad, it will show in our face. Happiness inside is manifested in our outward appearance, and this is good for our health. To be genuinely happy, we should know how to deal with stress,anxiety, and worry, which are a part of life here on earth. We should be healthy not only physically, but mentally and spiritually  as well. We need to learn how to manage and solve life's problems because if not, these will not only makes us sad but will also take a toll on our health and our spiritual well-being. Such sad situation then will run counter to how we ought to live our lives. We should know with God's help and guidance, and a positive outlook in life, we can be full of joy as we continue stand firm in our faith.:)

Be cheerful, it's free.. no toll and less wrinkles too! :)

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  1. that's why we look pretty and young I use Olay on my face everyday hahaha..

    This is my next post wrote it first hahaha..

    your right we should be cheerful regardless of what situation we are in..stop worrying smile..

    give me a cookie..ok I'll get for my hon..running thank you ate hehehe ;)

  2. Thank you for the thought...
    Thinking of being 10 today... well, acting like one anyway... Ha! ha!


  3. Hi Sie,

    Correct!:) Same here Olay!:)) Promoting ba? lols.. Looking forward to read it more lovely dun sa site mo na maganda tulad natin..hehehe..

    Have a nice evening!:)

  4. Hi white witch Hi_D,

    Thanks for visiting..:)It's a great honor that you found other one here,lols.. Happy to hear from you!:) Happy weekend!:)

  5. Hi Sirleny,

    Thanks for sharing us here..:) Happy to see you around!:) Great weekend for you!:)

  6. @Sie,

    You can get more cookies, give it to your hon and to your cute little angel:) Hugs for your cuties!:)

  7. yes verily agree with you. nice message.


  8. Be happy, don't worry! And stay young much longer. Yes, agree with you. We must know how to destress ourselves. Nice post. :)

  9. @Inspector,

    Thanks a lot!:) Great Sunday for you!:)

  10. @Balqis,

    Thank you so much!:) Keep on smiling!:) Have a great Sunday!:)

  11. Hi Ros - I SO agree with you on this. I used to work with a lady who could only see thru negative eyes and she was always sick with something. I believed then and still do that it was because of her gloomy outlook on life - very sad!

  12. @ Louise,

    Hi..:) Thanks for coming:) Being cheerful really makes our heart feel young all the time!:)And beautiful indeed!:) Great weekend!:)

  13. Hurray for being cheerful! I definitely agree that it takes away the wrinkles. Smile, smile and smile. it keeps the worries away. Been lurking in your blog for quite sometime now. Yey love it! :)

  14. @Wawan,

    Thanks a lot!:) It's true it will take away wrinkles and it will makes us more beautiful!:) Hurray!!:)

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  15. Thank you for this post my Sis Dang, it is really helpful you know! And I remember one good saying about this too 'laughter is the best medicine!'... all you have shared here are true, cheerfulness leads to a happy life, it always lessen our worries and anxieties in day to day living! I am happy to tell you that I was on the church last morning, I learned, sadness, sorrows, trials are disguise to let us feel and experience God's grace in our lives! Have a blesseed Sunday my friend!

  16. Thank you for this post! It will be very good to remember this today... and always. :)

  17. @Prime,

    Thanks a lot for sharing,and what learned from church are true, on that way we can see how great is God for us.:) Great Monday morning!:)

  18. @Isadora,

    Thanks a lot, it's true today, tomorrow and forever cheerfulness is really helpful, keep smiling!:) Great day for you!:)

  19. keep smiling :)No mater what .Beautiful post .

  20. @Izdiher,

    Right!:) Smile no matter what!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

  21. This is quite inspiring but you know, sometimes even when we want it so bad it turns all the oposite, because there is something that tries to burst your bubble. God is a good reason to be cheerful, oh yes, and we can get that cheer from him. Great post.

  22. @Miss Lego,

    Thank you so much for sharing!:) It's true God always has a reason for everything..:) Keep on smiling!:)

    God bless you!:)


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