Sunday, December 18, 2011

Emotionally Mature

"Emotional maturity implies controlling of emotion rather than letting emotion get the better of you."

What are the things to consider when they say, emotionally mature?  Did you know that a person can be chronologically mature, but emotionally immature?  You may be well into your 30s but still be childish in so many ways, like you take everything personally. You feel bad when you don't get attention, or cry when things don't go your way. Are you people like this? I admit sometimes before in my life, I used to act like this, but I found out that this is not good, especially when you have to deal with different people. How will you  understand and improve your relationship with other people if you're emotionally immature? We must  understand our self first, before other people can understand us.  Acting as if  we can't do anything on  tough situation or and easily giving -up, can be sign of emotionally immature. We  need to face the reality  in a given situation.

Mostly people now make their decisions comes from conclusions or react in given situations based  on how things feel to them. Emotionally mature people can experience true empathy. And the empathy is a prime requirement for successful relationships that can make one's emotionally mature. In your own words, how will you define emotionally mature?

"Being emotionally mature doesn't mean getting old, but it's growing-up." 

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  1. great post. mature and old are two different things. agree with you.

    and one of the ways to increase our maturity is by thinking. dont be lazy to think as thinking is the best learning process. :)

    i'm not sure whether my comment is still parallel with your points but thanks for sharing :)

  2. @Inspector,

    Thank you so much for dropping by and share us your comment..:) I really appreciate your words, thank you..:) And I agree with you also, that thinking is the best learning process..:)

    Have a nice evening!:)

  3. I have to admit that when I've had enough of something I usually scream at the top of my lungs...
    But I guess being mature doesn't mean that you have to hold back on your emotions and stop expressing how you feel. It's just knowing how to express them and when to do it.


  4. @Heidi,

    Hi, your right we should know how and when to express our emotion. Thank you for sharing..:) Good morning!:)

  5. @Balqis,

    Hi.. :) Good morning!:) Thank you for sharing.. Emotionally mature people has integrity am I right?
    I got confuse with your comment, sorry..:(..

    Thank you so much!:)

  6. Sorry, Ros, I re-read my comments and got just as confused as you are!! You know, I woke up early this morning and visited your blog. Read this post cos it's an interesting one. I must have been still half way in dreamland that I didn't realize the confusion I caused!! i have deleted it and here is the exact thing I wanted to say.

    Just a view, firstly, emotionally immatured is refusing to open up and setting so many conditions to get back favors. Secondly, living in someone else's "shell" to be seen as a smart person. No integrity at all.

    Thanks for this post which can be an eye-opener.

    P.S. Now, the integrity is on the correct person! :)

  7. @Balqis,

    Thank you so much!:) Same here with me, sleep late and woke up too early, sometimes my mind was still dreaming too..lols..

    Thank you and thank you, I know that is exactly what you want to share us..:) A wonderful day Balqis..:)

  8. Well I am one of them..emotional maturity has it's stages and it will always depend on the things you went through in life BUT life will always depend on how you deal with each situation that comes in our lives.

    Sometimes life can be unfair and tough BUT it will be your choice if you will let yourself back down or move forward. Each day is a process of learning as I always each day with smile no matter where life leads is a part of our inner maturity!

  9. The post hints that you are intellectually mature and wise to have the art of developing emotional maturity. Thanks for sharing it. :) But, dear friend, no matter how mature we are we do feel and try to express our feelings in different ways no matter whether they may sound silly or sensible to friends whom we believe a lot! :)

  10. I happen to know someone quite emotionally immature and she's in her 60s...

  11. @Sie,

    Hi, thank you for sharing sis, your right it's how we are going to face or deal every situation. We can cry anytime we want if we fail, but it doesn't mean we are going to give up, right?

    Thank you again sis.. :) Good evening!:)

  12. @Suresh,

    Hi, thank you foe visiting..:) It's true my friend, even if we sound silly sometimes, it's ok to show it especially to those we really knew, showing our emotion doesn't mean your immature, it's how we're going to handle everything, it's how we are going to face and solve problem.

    Thank you so much Suresh.. I'm so happy to hear from you again..:) God bless your busy days!:)

  13. You are right my friend. It's not about getting old but it's about growing up. It's not about age for me, it's about how you are ready for decision making and the acceptance of it's results and consequences. It's about standing straight despite of unfavorable situations in ones life, sometimes people who are independent are the one emotionally mature even in the young age...Thank you for sharing this worth reading entry my friend and have a great day :)

  14. @Lisa,

    Thank you so much!:) It's true that there were some who are still emotionally immature even at their old age. But, we respect them, maybe,that was their nature.

    Thank you so much Lisa.. Pleasant time for you..:)

  15. @Prime,

    Great Prime, you said it right!:) It's about accepting consequences of life, it's how strong you are to face the reality of every situation..

    Good evening Kuya!:) Thank you!:)

  16. You are welcome Sis :) you have helpful insights here just keep your idea flooding Sis as I know you can touch many lives with your generous ideas :) Have a great evening too :)

  17. Hi Sagittarian,

    I think we just have to give them enough time to get matured. Eventually they will mature as they get older. Have a nice day kabayan.


  18. the trick is to learn to be 'emotionally mature' before you get way too chronologically mature to be a baby.

  19. @Ed,

    Hi Ed..:) Thank you for visiting even if your too busy at work!:) I agree with you too, time is very important.. When the right times come,those who are immature will become mature too, because we are learning from time to time.:) Thank you so much..:)

    Merry Christmas!:)

  20. @Ruhi Shah,

    Hi, thank you for sharing..:) It's true, we need to learn to be emotionally mature, even at young age we can be truly emotionally mature, it's in the process of learning from everyday life :)

    Thank you so much!:)

  21. Despite the advancement in the realm of science and technology that has paved the way for better communication system, most of the time, relationships do not work out owing to lack of maturity and improper communication. It's the immaturity that blocks the thinking process affecting the communication. It's a nice post which may help us understand ourselves and our relationships in a better way from a different perspective.

  22. Hi, this is one thing that not everyone fair equally. One can fake it but not for long. The point is, we should aim to be emotionally mature so we can love others even at their weakest point.

  23. Very thoughtful and mature topic you've posted! You are a very sensible and emotionally mature person I must say sagi !
    I'm still learning to be emotionally mature ! :)

    Thank you for this nice post ! :)

  24. @Sam,

    Hi :) thank you for sharing your insight, I agree with you, some relationship are affected because of immaturity.. If we are going to think, our technology now are very useful and really helpful especially for couple or lovers who are far away from each other, but because of immaturity, they got separated even if they knew for themselves that they belong for each other.

    Thank you so much Sam.. :) You know what? I was thinking if..? alright, just kidding my friend, it's me who got problem like that!.:)lols..

    Good evening Sam!:)

  25. @littleyana,

    Hi friend!:) Thank you for coming..:) I agree with you too, there are some people who are not really matured emotionally, they act as if they were, but in a long run, it will show that they need to learn more.. That is why we really need to aim for that to be able to cope in everything comes in our life.

    Thank you so much for sharing your valuable comments..:) Merry Christmas..:)

  26. @Kitty,

    Thank you so much..:) Actually same here, I am still learning and trying my best to be that mature emotionally, lols.. There are times that, I am weak too, but because I want to move forward and to stay stronger, I need to accept and act the right thing even if it's hurt sometimes..:)

    Thank you again kitty!:) Merry Christmas!:)

  27. I am here to tell you one good news Sis Dang as being an emotionally mature, we are okay now,see you have told me never to close door, and I don't... I know we need each other...that bad!

  28. @Prime,

    Great news!:) I told you so many times, don't use period on that situation, hmmmmmm..? I'm so happy to hear that from you kuya!:)

    Good evening!:) Give my regards to B ok!:)

  29. Hello.
    I'm an emotional man & writer, but I would consider myself emotionally mature. I agree there are many people high up the age scale who, although old in years, are still immature.
    Insightful post.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  30. @Andy,

    Thank you so much for sharing..:)It's true, some even if really old are immature. Like you am emotional too,:)

    I like you You Tube Tuesday, really I enjoy it..:) God blee you, keep sharing us more..:)

  31. this is interesting post, I like the way u tackled about the emotions ... Have a great day!... :-)

  32. @Will Of Heart,

    Thank you so much for liking my post here..:) It's a great honor for me..:)I really appreciate your words..:)

    Merry Christmas!:)

  33. great post gives an insight as to what goes wrong with many a relationships..lotta times we ourselves dun realise hw imature and unreasnble we are being..very nice post

  34. @alka narula,

    Hi, thank you for coming..:) Thank you too for your nice word, I really appreciate it!:) Merry Christmas!:)

  35. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas. sandie

  36. @Chatty,

    Hi! :) Thank you! Same to you Sandie..:)

  37. Hmmm...interesting.
    Emotional - outward expression of feelings
    Mature - growth, developed

    When considering young children and how they express their emotions, you might describe it as un-restrained and self-centered/ego-centric. They react to the world around them only as they see how it affects them. They may act with infant instincts if they haven't learned to properly communicate their needs. They may throw temper tantrums to get their way. They may cry at every disappointment. They may withdraw without perseverance.

    As we grow, gaining experience of the world around us, we learn that there are other people and things to consider in a situation. We learn that we should consider other people involved, how they feel, how they act and think, and how they might be affected. We may ask questions to seek out this information for thorough understanding. We act in a way that demonstrates control of our emotions with thoughtful consideration of others and the situation as a whole.

    1. Thanks for visiting and sharing Anonymous, I really appreciate your comment..:) It's true as we grow old, we learned a lot of things that can make us emotionally mature,. We became more independent everyday because of the experiences we got.

      Thank you so much.. hope to hear from you again and know your name too..:)


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