Friday, December 16, 2011

My Greetings Tree

 the bottom
     of my heart wishing 
    you all Happy Holiday!
    This season is for all of us
       let's all celebrate and enjoy the
       true spirit of this season with our loved ones.  
       We all knew that this seasons 
     is not just giving material things, 
     but it's sharing of love and respect for
    everybody. This is the best gift that we can
keep. May this season bring us new hope, more 
faith and strength towards life journey. May we learn  to forget
and forgive from the past. More happiness
     for this new beginning. Always remember that the most
important part of this season is remembering GodAnd
  thank Him for giving us another year of  life and His never-ending
love and care. A prayer together with  our family that comes from our heart is 
one way to show  how thankful we  are for all  the
that God
 given us.

May this seasons bring us joy and prosperous one!

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  1. Beautiful. May the lord grant perpetual happiness coupled with prosperity in the years to come for you.

  2. @Sam,

    Thank you so much..:) Your so kind!:) God bless you!:)

  3. I love the lantern, I love the Christmas tree formed from your creative mind my Sis Dang! Thank you for greeting me and our friends!Happy Holiday to you as well, I know God will always shower his generous blessings to you and your family, and of course to your sweetheart! I am excited for the new beginning Sis,a fresh start to both of us here :) so good luck to me and to you :)

  4. wow sagi ! amazingly beautiful ! :)
    hats off to you :)

  5. That's a really cool concrete article. It's very inspiring for this seasons and urges me to be even more thankful than I am now...


  6. @Prime,

    Thank you so much too Prime, or being such a good friend and like a brother too..:) May God bless us always!:) Keep up the good work Prime..:)

  7. @Kitty,

    Hi..:) Thank you for visiting!:) God bless you!:)

  8. @Heidi,

    Hi there!:) Thank you for coming!:) It's an honor for me that you find it's inspiring..:) Thanks again..:)

    Have a nice time!:)

  9. Wonderful words my dear, well said, first of all is God and love, that is the true gift. Best wishes for you in this christmas and for the coming year!

  10. @Miss Lego,

    Thanks for visiting!!:) Merry Christmas!:)

  11. I am keeping up the good work Sis, thank you for always inspiring me :)

  12. Thanks and many good Holidays wishes to you also.

    Kindest & Warmest thoughts,

  13. @Stranger in a Strange Land,

    Hi Mike!:) Thank you for dropping by!:) Happy Holiday!:) God bless us all!:)

  14. It's so beautiful done! Lovely.
    All the spirit of Christmas is in your words, may we always remember this time is a one to cherish, to be thankful for what we have and share much love around.

    Have a beautiful Christmas!

  15. @Marie,

    Hi..:) miss you!:) Thank you for dropping by,I appreciate your comment so much, thank you sis..:)

    Blessed day/evening to you!:)

  16. @Just Enjoy Life,

    Thank you for visiting! :) Merry Christmas!:)

  17. @Monika Khatri,

    Hi..:) thank you for dropping by to greet!:) Merry Christmas..:)

  18. this is lovely, wishing you a merry X'mas also... and a blessed new year!!!

  19. @Will Of Heart,

    Hi..:) Thanks a lot!:) My wishes too!:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!:)

  20. Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much for inviting me to your other blogs, Sagittarian :)

    If you hadn't, I would've missed out on this SPECTACULAR post! What an AMAZING poem and the tree you formed from the words is AWESOME, to put it mildly he he! I love the colors too and then the star image on top! WoW! This is such an inspiring Christmas post!

    You are very talented!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)
    Fiona x0x

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  22. P.S. ~ I think you may have missed seeing my second Fibonacci that I posted about two weeks ago :)

    Hope you enjoy, when you have the time to read it :) It was written for a dear friend of mine :) x0x

  23. @Princesa Fiona,

    Happy to see you around!:) thank you so much for visiting!:) It's really a great honor for me to see one who I adore and who always inspired me, sharing and visiting my blog.:)

    Thank you so much Princesa Fiona!:) You're really great!! God bless you! :)


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