Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Describe me...

Can you describe what you see inside the photograph? Look at all the traces, lines, shades and everything on it. You will notice what does this photo trying to portray..

Above the wall, you can see  lines look a like a mother who is sick laying on bed. At the back of a child  is untrusted person, on the other side  a group of person sitting on the dark place and one standing. A bleeding heart that is flying . All corner are shaded with black.

The child is facing  difficulties and  painful journey in life.. She is trying to catch the flying heart even if it was bleeding, means even though she felt hurt before still hoping for better one in  the future, in this photo shows that this child believes that love is  what she needs to overcome everything. The child shows how strong she is when it comes to difficulties or trials in life.  This child wants us to see that nothing is impossible when there is love.. We can live with peace and harmony.. We can survive on everything that life is facing of.. Let's keep on holding tight on love, never give up and don't lose hope.. Love can make the world go round..

Can you see some lines that I forgot to mention? There are still hidden thought in this photo, can you take a look for it?


  1. hello sis..without love each and one of us can't have reasons to live..with every child's eyes comes hope..like that little child..she has lived in a world of pain and confusion but she is still full of hopes waiting and wanting for love to come..

    I have always believed this sis and I know this has always made me to stand up again after every pain.."It doesn't matter on how much pain you have been through..what matters most is having love always in your heart even a single drop can give hope for every broken soul." You know sis my story..maybe that child was me..but because of love I am now standing again with a smile :)

    *love you sis ♥♥♥ ☺ *

  2. Hi sis!.: Right!.. Got all what this photo means.. And keep on standing in the name of love.. Just like this child, you have the strengths, the will, and the guy..:) to love and be loved..You deserve all the best my friend,..:)

    Stay happy!.:) Have a nice day!.:)

  3. @Sie... One more thing.. I saw glow in your eyes, shining like a star ,just like no one can stop that blink blink in your eyes!.:) Inspired all the time, no worries, no doubts, because you have that love inside you.. How sweet to be in love and be loved right?..:)

    Have a lovely day!.:)tsup tsup..eat bulaga!.:):)

  4. yes sis to finally love..the real one..without pretentions and hesitations..and to finally feel being loved in return..I hope and wish it will stay this way sis :)

    *just passing by gudnyt sis ♥♥♥

  5. I am that child :)
    Sagittarian, I love the way you said,"Nothing is impossible when there's love"

    I believe, always believe that nothing is impossible, even though I found that everything's going to be impossible now. I still believe, because God Knows the most, and I don't.

  6. Hi Lizzy!.:) That's great! God knows everything.. And HE will not give us things that we can't make it..That's how much He loves us. Just keep on holding on love and everything will be fine soon..:)

    Thanks for sharing friend!:) Have a great day!:)

  7. I commented earlier but it doesn't appear! LOL..it must have slipped away. Anyway, I like your description of the photo. From the literary side of it you could bring forth the meanings that lie within. The little girl though going through painful journey of life, still has the hope of better days. Nothing is impossible. You're very insightful, too. This is a must-read post. :)

  8. Hi Balqis!.:) I got your comment earlier and I did reply on it too..! But, Where are they?? Lols..Maybe the flying bleeding heart took them fly fly away!..Lols..

    Thanks for keep on coming friend..:) Your word are very special to me..! Keep on holding tight too, afraid if both of us will take by the flying object!..lols.. muahhh..

    Take care friend!.. I was thinking if fly again on your place and meet you in real? Wow!..Hmmm think think...:)Thanks a lot friend! :)

  9. Wow,to be honest I am not quite there as to look the things you describe are hidden in there, but the main idea about love is huge. That little girl I think represents each one of us wanting to believe that love can be possible no matter what...

  10. Hi Miss Lego! Thanks for sharing your insight, yes this is what the photo means.. That all are possible when there is love..

    Thanks for coming! Have a nice day!:)

  11. hi sagi, your minute description shows how sharp, sensitive and deep observer you are !
    liked your thoughtful write-up :)

  12. Hi Kitty! Thanks a lot for liking my post, and your convincing comment that I have those description you just said :)

    Thank you so much for always being here too! :) Thanks friend :)

  13. Hi Sagittarian - I find your post and all the comments about it very profound and touching. I too believe in the hope that love offers. :)

  14. Hi Louise! Thanks for sharing!:)Love is the most valuable thing in life that can make anyone complete..:)

    With love there is no impossible,so let's all give and share love!:) Have a great day!:)


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