Friday, September 30, 2011

INFIDELITY ... Make Up Or Break Up?

What causes infidelity in relationship? Why there are some people commit infidelity?  Infidelity usually know as cheating most commonly refers to a breach of the expectation of sexual exclusivity. This can occur to physical intimacy and/or emotional intimacy to men or women.
Infidelity can be emotional involvement with another person, such as romantic love, time, and attention. These causes ones hurt, pain and suffering. Infidelity involves both physical and emotional betrayal, there are some involve says he/she  was pushed by his/her partner for a reason of lack of attention and they need someone to understand them.

Do you believe that infidelity is a matter of choice? For me, yes..You can ignore those people whom you think might took advantage on you, they can make your life even worst. Can lead to separation and  broken family. If you really love your self and  your family, you will choose not to get involve in any relationship aside from your present.  Infidelity is not the answer, even if how worst is your present relationship, try to find way to save and  make it work again. Constant communication is one way to help you both to start your relationship . If you think you can't handle it anymore, maybe that's the time you need to consult legal action, break it if you can't make it work again. And infidelity will not come out,  you can do whatever you want after you settle all the problem.

When someone you know is suffering from infidelity, would you suggest to make up or break up?


  1. Sorry for some inconvenience in posting comments. I experienced this since yesterday. Hope by this time it's working now.

    Thanks for all those who are trying to share their insight thoughts.. Have a wonderful day!.:)

  2. sis I can relate to this post..I have been betrayed several times by my ex husband..I never caught him with another woman but he was flirting in front of me with another woman..he said to me twice that it is so nice to be in bed with a woman with big boobs and butts and I was really crying because that was not hurts really..not particularly on me because I really hate him..but what made me cry is seeing a father who have betrayed also his children..

    On my part..he has physically abused me and my is no longer there what I have said a cheater will always be a breaking up is the best thing..on my case I filed an annulment..abuse would never be an excuse if he really loved his family..

  3. Hi Friend.:) Thanks for sharing about your real experienced and I feel sorry for what you had before. But what important now is you break it up and had your freedom out from him.

    Wishing you a happier life with someone who really deserves your love and care friend..:) Have a wonderful life ahead!.:)

  4. A person who's betrayed by his/her partner will definitely feel the deep pain of unhappiness. How nice if infidelity doesn't happen but everywhere we hear that it happens every now and then. It really hurts and the pain is so extreme! I don't understand if it's a joy for those who commit infidelity when seeing their partners suffer.

  5. Thanks Balqis!.:) Thanks for sharing your insight..How I wish too that, there would be no more infidelity in this world, so that no one will cry, get hurt and suffer..

    Thanks a lot friend!.:)

  6. Hi Chirif! :) Thanks for dropping by and sharing comment:) Have a nice day!


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