Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Story That Made My Tears Fall

I've seen a lot of good things over the internet but did not catch my attention. Unlike this one blog that I've found,  made my tears fall. The author try to show the real meaning of love and what love can do to anyone.  I'm a person that is too emotional and easily got affected when the story or the article I'm reading is all about people who are trying their best and yet nothing they can do but to accept the fact they are not meant for each other. This is a love story who started friends and later on both  fell in love but no time for them to feel the true meaning of  love, because death separated them. The blogger is from India. You can visit his site,  Toofan Singh   to see and feel what I felt about the story.  I would like to congratulate Toofan Singh for this wonderful blog and a meaningful story he shared..

I choose to share you this blog to show how the author impressed me and got my heart on his blog. And to encourage those who are until now trying to hold back their true feelings, because they are afraid to get hurt. I want them to realize that time is running fast and we don't know when or what will happen in the future. How will you know the answer if it was kept  inside? Speak now before it's too late..

Love is not selfish. Love can take even the difficult or painful part of relationship. If you're not going to try, how will you know that you deserve each other? Don't wait time to stop, what if there's no last-minute at all?


  1. naman sis I had failures po and this is the same scene that I am afraid of..what will happen one day if I couldn't wake up anymore and I haven't seen quiet angel yet? we have plans to have our own I was reading the story I just said to myself..maybe that's hoe their love story really ends..God is in control of our lives sis..the lesson learned: when you love someone don't really hold back.

    I have said that same thing before to quiet angel..I am being unfair to you because I have a heart ailment..but quiet angel said he believes God will heal me and quiet angel won't permit God to take my life..ehhhh..I'm crying na..anyway sis thank you for sharing :)

    I believe my love story will have a happy ending..I hope and pray that God may give me more days to be with quiet angel and my kids :)

  2. typo error there should be heart failures po..

  3. Hi Sie!:) Thanks for sharing too! You will overcome all sis, when love speaks and God's will..Don't and never lose hope, God is always around to protect you, quiet angel and your kids.. I believe too, you will have never ending and happily love story with him.. BE POSITIVE..Ano ka ba sis, naiiyak na naman ako sa yo nyan eh,..maga na nga mata ko dun sa nabasa ko eh..:( LOLS..

    Cheer-up friend!:)Don't think about negative things, OK? Have a nice evening!:)

  4. You know, some people says that who loves needs to know that pain and sorrow are part of that process, but they can not just take it and I understand that. Love is a beautiful thing, but when one gets hurt, then it all gets complicated...

  5. Hi Miss Lego!:)Thanks for sharing..:) It's true that when people in love, pain and sometimes sorrow comes too, but we must understand too that it was a part of love to make us more stronger. Faith to our Lord above is very important, because HE own us all. HE knows what's best for us..

    Stay happy! :)

  6. Even reading this already made me feel so sad. This post reminds me of someone. But who can fight death? When the dreams were not even fully realised, the saddest moment of being separated by death was so painful to bear. But let's have faith in Him. The pain will slowly heal.

    Will visit Tofan's blog to read the whole story. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Balqis!:) Thanks friend! It's so true that no one can fight death except HIM, so lets all bear with HIM and everything will be fine.

    Yes friend try to visit Toofans blog, and you will feel what I felt.. Have a great evening friend!:)

  8. Thank you for sharing that story. We have been blessed with a marriage and love story 38 yrs long. I thank god for our blessings. I am grateful as we know it can change in an instant. Thank you you have a lovely blog

  9. @ Oursweetlifetogether. Hi there! Thank you too for sharing us your happiness in life!:)Like what you've said it can change in an instant, but the happiness and good memories you've shared together will last forever..

    Happy to hear from you!:) God bless both of you more and more happiness to come..:)

  10. Ros, I visited Tofan's blog and realised that both couple passed away. So sad. Thought one is still alive. It's really a very touching story. We must remember the morals of the story are to live and to love, to share and to care, to respect and to persevere. We never know when will we be departed forever from those who love us.

    In my previous comment, told you it reminds me of someone who had a heart of gold and so caring had left for a better place forever. He was so young. Now, the girl holds the sweetest memory of being loved and cared by such a guy who loved unconditionally. The memory will last for eternity though the dreams were not realised.

    Aahh! I mustn't say more cos it'll make me cry.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

  11. Hi Balqis!:)It's really sad if this love story will end like this, but we all know, that everything in this world has a reason, let's just pray for them to have peace on the other side of life..

    Thanks friend!:)

  12. (dami mo palang blog)

    Just discovered your sites (ni-recommend po ksi ng kakilala natin, eh under ako eh machonurin)

    I haven't read the story yet knowing mugto na mata nyo, hindi kalakihan mata ko baka mawala pg nmugto pa),
    but guess i can imagine the story. It happened to someone I know in real life, the only difference, it was few days before marriage that the girl died..but the guy still had the vows with his lifeless bride. It's a true story, and everyone is crying witnessing the event.

    I don't know how to define love really, i can only say, IT will find a way if it's meant for you

    ah eh, pwede pkimove ng comment ko ptaas? dun oh malapit..hihi..

  13. Hi Q&A! question and answer ba meaning nito?!:)Lols.:))Special request po ba?? Sure, Wait lang po i-move ko paitaas.:))Salamat po sa pag bisita kahit pinilit lang po kayo.:)) Ikaw din naman po mas madami blog nyo eh..:)

    Anyways,it's true love will find a way if you are meant for each other, just like those people I knew, kahit sa headset lang solve na..hehe.. It's because that's love no matter how will you show or hide it, para kang naka lutang sa ulap, sabi ng lola ko..lols..:)

    Thanks a lot!:)

  14. The best thing we can do in our life is try, specially when it comes to heart matters. On the opposite side, the worst thing we can do in our life is sit in one corner and do nothing. We wont know the outcome if are not brave enough to try, not just for love but for our life as a whole. It's about taking risk. If we do that, we can see a fertile ground of our future and not a barren earth that no things left alive!

    For me, it's about trying, I love someone and I am brave enough to take risk whatever it is that lies ahead :)

  15. Hi Prime! Trying is the best thing first,no matter how or what will be the outcome at least you did try it..Same with those people I knew too, far from each other, even if it's really hard,they keep on holding tight because they believe in love..

    Great one Prime.. Thank you..:)

  16. Your welcome my friend, and I have the BIG hope that all the trying and waiting and all this and that will become worthwhile, but I am sure it will, I am holding on for Love Sis :)


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