Saturday, November 12, 2011

Out Of Curiosity - My Favorite Popcorn

Do you love watching movies? Alone or with your loved one or whoever is with you at  theater room or just movie at home, why is this popcorn always present? When I was a kid, I love eating buttered or cheesed popcorn inside theater while movie or at home a kettle pop what we call a dancing pop.Why do movies  usually match with a popcorn? I remember when I asked my mom about this, I said, mom, why is popcorn always match with a movie? She answered me, ' honey popcorn is the cheapest food that you can buy and eat inside the theater that's why," then she laughed..:)) Is my mom's right? Lols.. I've never seen any cinema without popcorn booth outside. Is there any study about this? But, this is true right? When they say let's watch movie, the first thing or food comes in our mind is a popcorn and soda! But not with my youngest son now, for him it's a pizza with soda :)

Can you tell me why is popcorn or kettle pop is mostly match with movie? Am just curious ever since, because I really love eating popcorn..:))

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  1. Every weekday night at 7pm I sit down with my bowl of popcorn to watch Entertainment Tonight. Same thing weekends - just different shows, sometimes movies. Munching on food like popcorn or cheetos is comforting and like you said it always "matches with a movie" or a tv show. Good post Ros!! :)

  2. Hi Louise,

    We both love munching popcorn?? Yeah, it's comforting while seeing movie or just watch television at home.:)

    Thanks Louise!:) Have a great day!:)

  3. May be popcorn is so light and easy to carry into the cinema. And while watching movies, popcorn can be a temporary substitue to heavy food cos we don't want to spoil the entertaining moment with the sounds of spoons and forks! Nay! I'm just kidding!.:P

    I'm just as curious as you, Ros. :)

  4. Hi Balqis,

    Thanks I love your comment,it made me smile:) Maybe you're right too not to spoil the entertaining moment with the noise of fork and spoon!:) Lols..

    I love it Balqis!:)) Have a wonderful evening!:)

  5. maybe we just love to munch with a crunch while watching movies..let's just ask the person who discovered pop corn hehehe..

  6. Hi Sie,

    Thanks, maybe because we really love to munch a crunch,sounds good also.:)Sis, who discovered popcorn? I really need to ask the question to him/her too!:) Lols.. Every comment made me smile and I love it!:))

    I love you all my friend!:)

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  8. Just a thought Sagittarian:

    When we watch a movie, we are supposed to sit still. Human beings have tons of nervous energy and must be moving. When we eat popcorn, our mouths are moving and using energy.

  9. Hi Sagittarian,

    I think because when you're eating popcorn you're eating a bite size food. You just want to chew and swallow something while watching your favorite movie. Apart from that I think you're mom is right, popcorn is cheaper.

  10. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for dropping by and shared comment! Thanks a lot! :)

    Have a great day!

  11. Hi Ed,

    Thank you so much for sharing insight! Have a great day!

  12. Hi farjah,

    Thanks a lot! Enjoy your visit!:)

  13. Nothing beats a big bucket of popcorn with a tall glass of ice cold soda or beer. Great blog, great posts. Thanks for sharing.

  14. QAnita, Right friend! Nothing can beat a bucket of popcorn and soda while seeing movie!:) Thanks a lot for sharing comment !:) Blessed day!


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