Monday, November 21, 2011

December Here You Come !

What comes to your mind when December was coming? This month is so special right? A lot of people are preparing for this season, some are doing their list by now, who and what gift is best to give for their loved ones. Some are thinking about what to prepare for that occasion, because after celebrating Christmas here comes the New Year, another occasion that we all celebrates.

But we can't hide it that there were some who are worrying too much about this month, because in this month  "expenses are expected". Do you get what I mean? Do you believe that, even the practical mom got worried when this month of December comes? Even if bonuses or what we called 13th month pay was expected, still our moms get worried about how to budget all, especially if we are  living in a middle class or in a family that has low income. Like me, I have my own family and relatives who are coming when this occasion comes. I see to it that I have something for them even if  it's a simple gift. I set aside small amount everyday, I put it inside of a box, for this occasion. Sometimes, when I saw sales in the market, I tried to look for something that fits my budget, buying early gift can save us more too, then I'll just keep it first then pack it when occasion was coming. We can't avoid to gift-giving when Christmas and New Year was coming, right? And I believe in saying, "It's better to give than to receive" and the "true spirit of this season is to give love not only with that day but it should be everyday" it's all up to us how we are going to show love, right?

Now, I need your help and advise my dear friends here at bloggers, maybe we can share some tips for our moms who are in this case, like me..:) What can you suggest to our dearest moms about this coming of December? How they can overcome the worries in budgeting?

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  1. i think you pretty much summed it up.
    For me though, being realistic is the key. I know in an ideal world & if you could afford it, you'll buy everyone a gift. But you don't have to. I do most of my shopping online, that way im able to compare pricces, then i avoid going to town which always end up expensive. I also bought some os the pressies ages ago when there was a sale.
    Christmas shopping should be fun & not stressful =)

  2. Hi Kristeta,

    Thank you for sharing:)Shopping online is a good idea,so we can compare prices before buying. I like this idea from you, and I will try it too:) This is great Kristeta. And I agree with you, Christmas shopping should be fun and not stressful!

    Thanks a lot for coming! Hope to hear from you always! Have a great
    time in sharing!:)

  3. I usually do a shopping list before I go to a mall to buy gifts. I find it less expensive when you can think first of what to give to a specific person before buying one. Impulsive buying usually comes over one's budget so it would be best to have a list first. Then you can go and shop earlier before the Christmas rush sets in. During this time..malls have sales..but usually I do look for the quality of a product and how can it benefit my receiver..

    I don't usually give food because it can just go puff when eaten and memories would be gone..I usually give gifts that can be useful or displayed..I love giving things to be cuddled and something that can be a symbol of bonded love..

    hehehe..a watch for my special someone or a belt would do ;)

  4. I just want to let them feel that I love them Sis, no, I will pass on that budgeting thing, LOL, I used to buy gifts with my MOm, and Sisters, but this December will be different as I have to settle all my obligations, I just want to start a fresh new year free of those things, I know they can understand me this time. For me December means love, we can show it in the absence of cash I guess , a true love and care is a priceless gift!

  5. I was going to take the chance this year to do home-made presents. It is more personal and there are many ideas available in magazines and Internet. I think this time of the year is more about sharing and enjoying being together.
    Have a lovely week!

  6. Hi Sie,

    Thanks a lot for sharing tips,same here I prefer to give something that can be remember for a long time unlike food. So your doing a list first, and hope my name was there too!:))

    And for your someone special, hmmm belt or a watch is really nice..:) For sure he would love it, with matching hug and kiss!:)

    Thanks a lot sis! Have a great day!:)

  7. Hi Prime,

    That's great, sharing love is not only on giving things, it can show in other way that our loved ones can feel the true meaning of this season from your heart.

    And your idea is great Prime, start new year with less headache because of dept or some obligation from the past maybe.

    Thanks a lot Kuya, your sharing is
    really appreciated! Have a nice day ahead!:)

  8. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for dropping your valuable tips, it's a nice and sweet idea from you, doing home-made presents are really a sweet gift! and can save more too, and it's uniqueness was there because it was made by your own hand:)

    I love to try doing home-made too! Thanks a lot Marie:) This is a big help.:) Have a wonderful day!

  9. December is a month of celebrations. It's much awaited.

    I like your sayings. It's really nice and also reflecting you give unconditionally. That's a good practice. You're such a kind and nice person. :)

  10. Hi Balqis,

    Thank you for your nice word for me:)Actually Am not that so kind and nice,lols..:) I just love what I am doing, it's my pleasure to share and give happiness to other people.

    Thanks a lot Balqis, have a great evening!

  11. Hello Sis, oh, you know I got some hectic schedule today but this time I know my routine, I must not miss a single one... I may share it here, 1. talking to my B 2. Blogging at SB 3. Visiting my Big Sis Blogs 3. Visiting friends blogs , I may not really talk about the budget thing about Christmas, but I would rather talk about the good budget thing on 2012, it must be really good! That year would be, no more headaches Sis! Wish to live with a happy simplified life!

  12. @Prime, Yes kuya I know you are too busy today, and that's good.:)Happy for all what you achieved these days! Keep it up!:)

  13. Hello Saggi! :)
    As you have somewhat highlighted the condition of a middle class family, i think it is the class covering majority of population, and this class knows how finely one could manage its budget and status at a time! :)
    All what we have to do is prepare just a bit more for the fests, so that we could satisfy our guests along with our own family! :)

  14. @Aakriti,

    Thanks a lot for sharing us your useful tips, this will be a big help for me and other reader too.:) Thank you so much Aakriti!:)

    Hope to see you again!:) Wonderful day in sharing!:)

  15. Hi Ros - My thoughts on this are: bills come first - then go from there. Folks just need to understand, you know? Happy Holidays to you and your family Ros - really enjoyed this post - good advice from a sweet and smart lady!! :)

  16. Hi Louise,

    Thanks for sharing, yeah you are right, bills comes first then go from there.:) Happy holidays too Louise and to your whole family also:) God bless you always:) Thanks for coming..:)

  17. Hi:)

    I try to budget for christmas after school starts. Here it starts in September. This year I've set aside cash in a envelope. I used to put it into my savings account but that didn't work as I wasn't good at keeping track of the amount. I do make a list of everybody who I would like to give to. I send out alot of homemade cards. But for close friends and family I like to make the gift according to who they are. Be it homemade or at the store. I shop @ special local shops. I also believe packaging is everything. Cookies in a decorated bag w/glitter is special. Its the thought that counts and matters most!

  18. @Inspiredbeauty,

    Thanks a lot for sharing us another tip for this coming occasion. I really appreciate what you said, you are so sweet my dear:)It's really the thought counts and matters most:)

    Thank you so much!:) Wonderful day/evening:)

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  20. @Tariq Man, thanks a lot for visiting!:) I appreciate your time so much.:) Thanks too for liking my post! I will visit yours too!:) Great there for you!:)


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