Thursday, November 3, 2011


   Being in the dark can be devastating and distressing. You lose your perspective in life, no reference point too. You don't know where you are and where you are going, even if we're not physically blind it's because of what we  had experienced in life. 


 Belonging to light means, not only living harmoniously
but also getting rid of evil deeds and desires,
being decent and true in all that we do.

   Let us remain forever in light, always remember that we are not belong to darkness anymore. May we defeat the spiritual forces of evil around us. Hold tight in the name of our Lord..

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  1. Love this! We definitely belong to Light and we tend to forget it always turned towards the dark side of things.
    Well written - you passed on the message with grace and love!

  2. Thanks a lot Marie! I appreciate you visit so much and for sharing nice word too.:)

    Happy to see you around!:) Have a wonderful day!

  3. Very nicely written! When there's darkness and light, we'll definitely opt for light cos it shows the right way in our life.

  4. Yes Balqis you're right..:) Thanks a lot for keep coming! :) Have a great time!

  5. we have been created perfectly but in our real world it gave us temptations to be on the dark side..but there will always be something good inside us because it is whom we are created to be ;)

  6. "Being descent and true in all that we do" - well said!! :)

  7. Hi Sie, thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts too.. You are right, sometimes we're attempted to be at dark side, but what important is we knew how to turn back and never stay on that side.

    Thanks sis! :) Have a wonderful day!:)

  8. Hi Louise!:) Yes being decent and all true on what we are doing, one way to be on light way..We may not be perfect but we can try to be one, and that matters most to stay on light side..:)

    Thanks a lot friend!:)

  9. Thank you for sharing this Sis, it's a good reminder for me, I don't belong to the dark for sure, but sometimes there are actions that I am guilty of, and everyday I am trying to be always descent in everything that I do, I am acting a big brother now sis :)

  10. Hi Prime!:) Thanks for sharing, and I do believe that we are not for the dark side even if sometimes we commit mistakes that lead us to dark side, what important is we knew how to turn back and start on right way again.

    Good to hear that Prime, you act as a big brother now, kuya..:)Keep it up!:)

  11. I love to be called Kuya Sis, I just love the sound of it you know! That is true, we are only humans, and sometimes we commit mistakes, but what is best about us is that it is our nature to have kind hearts :)

  12. It's easier saying it that doing it...but you are right, aiming light must be it.

  13. Thanks Kuya!(Prime) It's true we are created to have good heart..:)

    Have a great day!:)

  14. Hi there Miss Lego!:) It's so true, easy to say it but really hard to do it, what important is we are aiming to be on the light side.. You said it well Miss Lego, thank you.:)

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Heya Sagittarian,

    I Just saw your Blog right now, as you have joined one of my blogs. I like that post, I just wrote something about Light and darkness , Light upon light =) Nice blog you have. Keep up the good work
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  16. Hi Black Pearl! Thanks for coming, it's my pleasure to join your blog, I find it very interesting and must follow too.:)

    And for sure to follow your blog regularly.:) Have a great day!:)

  17. This post was a true blessing. It is not in our human nature to go toward the light. For we were all born in sin, but I am so thankful that we have a God who will catch us when we fall, but we must fall forward toward Him and not backward toward the "world".

    As long as we truly come to Him in repentance, and are serious about it (to turn away from sin), and ask His forgiveness (and mean it), we can return to the light, no matter how far we have fallen. This is with the exception of blaspheming which is denouncing the Holy Spirit) by saying Him doesn't exist or other bad things about Him.

    We must all gravitate toward the light, no matter how hard the darkness is trying to pull us away. That is what is happening in our world right as we speak.

    I know it seems scary, but we must also remember that God predicted all of this in His Word. We must also remember that HE IS IN CONTROL.

    No matter how bad things get, we must keep our eyes on the prize or main goal (HIM) and "hang on", because He alone knows what He is doing, how much He is going to allow the powers of Satan to grow before He steps in with all His might. (Look how much He allowed Job to go through before restoring him.

    Thank you for leaving that precious comment on my blog. It gives me such a wonderful feeling of "contentment" when I know that God is working through me and getting His message out to His people.

    I say this for several reasons. First, I am not good at expressing myself in writing or verbal communication. (I think that is the reason my comments and posts are so long, because I want to make sure that I am saying what is intended and it is clear to others).

    Another reason is because when I started my blog, I told God it was His blog and I wanted Him to do with it as He pleases. I pray that I never put my own words ahead of His, or take credit for His message. I have heard and seen people who would go to an individual and tell them, God told me to tell you (this or that). I do not believe in doing that. I think it is dangerous. I would never do that, but I do pray that He always has His way with my blog and that I do His message justice. Thank you for your wonderful and uplifting comment.

    Well, I've written almost enough if not more than enough for a post! LOL! Sorry about that. I get so carried away when I start talking about our Lord and Savior. He has done SO MUCH FOR ME.

    Thank you again for everything! (Your comment, AND allowing me to go on and on.

    OH! This is the comment I deleted above, but I had to edit it in some areas, so I deleted and repasted with edits. (I broke it into more paragraphs so it would be easier to read (I hope). LOL!

    God Bless,

  18. Hi Pj,

    Thank you so much for sharing valuable comments. I love it and really gives me more strength like what I told you,. Your sharing and your post are really an inspiration not just for me but for all of your friends and readers that always coming in to your blog.

    Having a friend like you is a precious gift that comes from HIM, and I am so happy even if we are far from a distance, our heart and mind are connected through sharing here at bloggers.

    May we continue giving inspirations to our fellow bloggers, friends and readers. I do believe it too that, through HIS word we can make a better world. Thank you so much Pj! :) I can't explain how much happiness you brought with me after reading your message.:) Thank you so much..

    God bless you and your family too!

  19. Some people realize their wrong doings when they get older. There are people realize it at a younger age. What is important is people needs to walk on the narrow straight path in accordance to what God wants us to do.

  20. Hi Ed,

    Thanks for sharing, you're right friend, whether we realize our wrong doings earlier or latter, what important is we our trying our best to walk through a right path that God wanted us to do.:)

    A wonderful day for you!:)


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