Sunday, November 13, 2011

PROBLEM find solution

There is really  no way we can elude problems. At every turn and bend,we are bound to meet one. Truly so for our earthly journey is never a smooth one. Ours is not a worry-free world. And we cannot afford to stop on track seeing a problem looming in the distance.We have to move forward and risk an encounter as there could be no other way out. Making detour or backtracking, as the case may be is not a guarantee that we won't be meeting the same problem, or another one for the matter,elsewhere. We may even find ourselves in a tighter situation.

When a problem comes along, no matter how trivial it may be, there is no recourse but to work out a solution. Yes, for there is no way that the problem is getting away from us unless it has been dealt with accordingly. The best thing to do when having problem is to meet it head-on. And problems when not solved, have a way of recurring, or haunting people as others would put it, with even more devastating effects. So the earlier we are done with one, the better. Successfully getting through dilemma, we can have a sight of relief. And with a shrug of the shoulders we could then whistle "whew" that was close"

We must admit it too that wealth and knowledge are no guarantee to a problem-free life. But, it can lessen our problem if we knew how to dealt using both wisely.  Nothing is best with TRUST in God, and the power of working hard to solve the problem.

                   "If there's a problem there's a solution"

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  1. Hi sweetie.
    I have learned that i can ignore my problems. They go away eventually, but when they come back its with a bang. Some just don't have solutions, we just live with them.

  2. Hi Berlina,

    Thank you for sharing comment, there are problem that sometimes we need to take for long or live with them, it's because that's the only way or solution for that problem.:)

    Have a great day!

  3. ALL problems has solutions sis..but the answers do come on God's perfect time..sometimes it just seems that it is the end of the road but it is only a way to make us hold on more to God and put more our Trust in Him..

    Thinking that our problems have already defeated us is like saying God can't make a way out of anything..

    No matter how HARD or TOUGH a problem maybe..there would always be a solution..we just have to look UP and TRUST GOD..He will make a way for us..

    Faith leads to Miracles if we Believe ;)

    I have proven it many know my story *blink*

  4. Hi Sie,

    Thanks a lot sis, agree on all what you said!:) We have to trust Him,And that's also proven with me many times:)

    Have a great evening!:)

  5. 'If there is problem, there is a solution!' very well said Sis, you are giving us solutions you know, that is why your readers love you and your blog! Thank you for reminding us, you know I also learned after my father passed away that life has no turning back, we are here to face what lies ahead of us, you know, I am sure that running away and hiding from our problems can give us more tighter and bitter situation in the end! So better face it, God never allow trials that His children cannot bear and I believe on that 101%!

  6. Hi Prime,

    Thanks for sharing too.Problem are sent with a reason, and like what you said, He will not give it if we can't handle it or find solution about that problem.:) Your comment was inspiring too, because you learned to face life ahead after your father passed away.:)

    Have a great evening!

  7. Wise words! the only one that do not have problems is the dead people, that is it. We were never tod life would be easy, so we are here to become stronger...and that means knowing how to face problems. Great article!!

  8. Hi Sagittarian,

    Somewhere further down the road an obstacle might stand on our way. This is something that man cannot avoid. It's just a matter on how to find a way solving it. However, if we're following the guidance of Someone up there who's guiding us we can overcome any obstacles that come along the way.

  9. Hi Miss Lego,

    Thanks for sharing, you're right, we need to be more stronger in facing problem.

    Thanks for sharing!:) Have a great time!:)

  10. Hi Ed,

    Thanks for inspiring comment, you're indeed right, there is someone above to guide us all in facing problem.

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  11. What I'm going to say is more or less like what Miss Lego said. As long as we live, there are problems. We don't live a perfect life. But whatever problem that arises, we must be smart enough to find ways to solve it.

    Loved this post! :)

  12. Hi Balqis,

    Thanks for sharing, it's true we really need to be smart in facing problem.:)

    Have a great evening!:)

  13. I learned too that waiting too long to solve a problem does not help much and actually gives the problem more weight over the months.
    It is true patience is a key but we have to be pro-active in finding a solution. God works WITH US. Miracles are exceptional. In other cases we have to ask God to help us find the strength and the way to take towards the solution.
    Thank you for an inspiring post that force us to reflect and think.
    Have a lovely day!

  14. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for dropping your comment, it so true that God works with us in a many way. No matter how hard the problem is, when we are with Him there is nothing we can't do, all are possible with Him.

    Thanks Marie, your comment is really appreciated, have a great day!:)

  15. Hi Ros - I just read your post and all the comments - great reading!! I liked how you replied that sometimes just living with a problem IS the solution. Yup! :)

  16. Hi Louise,

    Thanks for coming! I miss you friend:)If there's a problem there's a solution and that's true sometimes we need to live with it becoz that's the only way we can do.:)

    Take care always! I just came from your blog and shared comments too,because I want to refresh my mind with your lovely and inspiring poems.:) Blessed day/evening!:)


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