Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stand Out This 2012 !

Have you ever done second look on someone?  What was it about them that made you look?  Was it their clothes, looks and how they carry out their clothes?  Did you know that becoming successful requires us to make our self visible?  I've learnt that getting noticed, standing-out and being know can be a good step or can help to achieve a dream or something you'd like to have in the future.

Who deserves the second look?  Are those who extremely dressed, perfectly coiffed or those with have a flawless  skin?  Maybe yes in some instances can catch a second look, but it doesn't mean they were the "only one" who deserves it .  Even those who are wearing simple or facile clothes can have that second look. For someone who can truly stand out takes more than just appearance, do you agree with that? In my own, yes I do believe and agree on it.  It's not only the way you look can have other people impression, but also the way you feel about yourself.  Believe in yourself on what you can do make you stand out.  The mastery about your talents, the knowledge and the commitment you have at work, can make it too and shine like others do.  The way we dress or carry our dresses can also help us to stand out,  but carrying ourselves right in front of other people can truly make you to stand out. How will you stand out ? Can you share some of yours?

 "Stop Trying To Fit In, When You Were Born To Stand Out"

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  1. It's not always the appearance that makes one stand out!
    It can be an air of confidence or just having a nice smile or a twinkle in one's eye!
    That is what I notice most, anyway!

    Great post!

  2. Margie stole my thoughts lol! A beautiful outfit may turn someone's head but 'the inner glow' of the person wearing it, is what will make him/her stand out and become unforgettable! So, say CHEESE and don't fake it :D

    Have a great day, sweetie *hugs & hearts* :-)

  3. I totally agree with both Margie and Fiona and especially on "don't fake it". Be ourselves instead of fitting into somebody's shoes.

  4. Hello Sagittarian.
    For me it was one picture i saw.
    It was his personality that made me look again.
    I don't really care for looks and things people wear. Any personality can make anyone look more than once.
    As for yourself, your confidence about yourself should really stand out in any crowd. As long as you have that, people will look more than once, once they feel that confident presence coming from you.
    Great post and have a great day.
    Just love your qoute.
    So true.

  5. Personality is something that makes you have a second look at a particular person. And personality can not be determined by dresses, nor by outward look. It's the amalgam of knowledge, self confidence, the way one looks at oneself and the outer world. Nice post.

  6. I have to agree that sometimes appearance can have a great impact on people's first impression on us...
    Like say for a job interview. Would anyone take you seriously if you were dressed like a stripper?(Taken that you're not applying to be a pole dancer).
    So appearance does matter and most of the time the way we look also reflect who we are on the inside.
    It's good to be beautiful inside but there's nothing wrong with also being gorgeous on the outside.
    It's a plus point...


  7. I always have relaied on my personality to stand out since my look is not exaclty the one to die for, lol. Thanks for this post my dear Saggi.

  8. @ Margie,

    Thank you so much! Right on that! :) Smile or twinkle in one's eye can make anyone to stand out!:)

    Wonderful day to you!:)

  9. @ Princesa Fiona,

    Hello Princesa Fiona..:) It's true, outfit can turn someone's head, but the "inner glow" will definitely make us stand out!:)

    Thank you so much!:) Blessed day to you! :)

  10. @ Balqis,

    Hi Balqis! :) I agree with them and yours too!!:) Don't fake it and be ourselves can truly make us stand out! :) thank you so much Balqis..:)

    Great morning to you! :)

  11. @ Berlina,

    Thank you so much dear..:) I agree, our personality and confidence to ourselves can truly make us to stand out!:)

    thank you for coming! :)

  12. @ Sam,

    Thank you so much Sam! :) Right, our personality and self confidence is a big thing to stand out! :)

    Good morning to you..:)

  13. @ White (Heidi)

    Hi! :) I agree with you too:) We need to be presentable in font of others by wearing at least a clothes that match with the event or occasion. That will gives us a big point!:)

    Thank you friend! Good morning! :)

  14. @ Miss Lego,

    Hi there Miss Lego! :) Personality and self confidence really can make us stand out! And looks? Sometimes it helps, lols.. Same thing with me, looks? That's the thing I don't have!! lols..:))

    Good morning to you!! :)

  15. I totally second your motion. The outward appearances are superficial. At first glance, it might turn eyes. But what makes an impact is the personality and the attitude we carry. That's not something we can buy from a store. It has to be built within ourselves. Let's be confident and believe in ourselves.

  16. sometimes one gives a second look to someone handsome ( because of their physical beauty or their beautiful clothes) and then ... they open their mouth ;0P
    usually is something in the composure of a person, what they say, how they move in the crowd, their charm that makes me give a second look. and sometimes even more ; ) but success is a result of hard work or an amazing amount of luck. or both.

    Happy New Year to you : )

  17. As it has been already stated by other bloggers, even i do agree that if you have to stand out, you have to be original! Almighty has blessed each of us with some special characteristics. There is no need to copy others! And appearance doesn't matter to stand out. One should have that brilliant spark, that illuminates us, even in the darkness of people's crowd!
    A very meaningful and inspiring post friend! Thanks a lot fr sharing this fact! :)

  18. I love this post Big Sister, we are unique individuals, so we can always stand out and shine in our own way if want it to! You are right, we have to wear our best so that we can nurture abilities and talents, that will give us the all the glow! :) Have a great day my friend :)

  19. I just don't worry about it, one way or another :-)

  20. @ Sui generis Writer,

    Thank you for dropping by and shared us your insight about the post..:) It's really appreciated..:) Being confident and believing in ourselves can really make us to stand out..:) Thank you so much!

    God bless you! :)

  21. @ demie,

    Your right friend, charm and beauty can catch second look, i agree with you..:) And hardwork or amazing luck can be another way to stand out!:)

    Thank you for sharing about yours! :) Have a blessed day! :)

  22. @ Aakriti,

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love your words here "One should have that brilliant spark, that illuminates us, even in the darkness of people's crowd! " I believe on it too! :) Thanks a lot for dropping by! :) Blessed day my friend! :)

  23. @ Prime,

    Thanks a lot Prime! :)This is so true "we have to wear our best so that we can nurture abilities and talents, that will give us the all the glow! :) " I agree with you here!:)

    Great evening! :)

  24. @ Lisa @ Two Bears Farm,

    Thank you Lisa for coming and sharing! :) Have a blessed day! :)

  25. Thank you for agreeing Big Sister of mine, and now since you made me laugh, I broaden the topic about it, see you there Sis :)

  26. @ Prime,

    That's great! :) Keep it up!:) Great morning! :)

  27. @ ♥●• İzdihër •●♥,

    Hi friend! :) I agree with you! :) We must believe in ourselves first, because beauty is in the eye of holder.:)

    Thank you for coming!:) Great morning/evening to you!:)

  28. You're right, it's what's inside that matters! We are all given special talents & gifts we ony have to believe in ourselves =)

  29. @ Kristeta ♥ (kalokang Pinay) ,

    Hi Kris, thanks for coming! :) Right, we have our own talent to make us stand out, we just need to nourish it and believe in ourselves.:)

    Love seeing you again! :) A blessed year for all of us! :)

  30. yes it is true, it is not only the appearance that makes someone stand out, it is a personality, confidence, and manners... I agree to all of them... :-)

  31. @ Will Of Heart,

    Right friend! I agree with all too! :) Good morning! :)


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